About this Page

Welcome to Blitz RSS by Blitz Fanzone.

You have a Discord server or a website and you want to spread or present news about WoT Blitz barrier-free on it? Then you are exactly right here!

Wargaming also has its own RSS feed for the game since the release of WoT Blitz. However, the RSS feed was never intended for public usage. Just to make it easier to spread the news internally.
Thanks to some nice employees from Wargaming their RSS feed has come to public. Nevertheless, the RSS feed is mostly used internally and because of that it was never designed user-friendly.

This website is intended to give you the opportunity to provide the content of the current WoT Blitz news. In order to make this possible, specially created scripts are responsible for this.

Here you will find out what RSS means at all, which function RSS offers and how you can use the RSS feed provided here for your Discord server.

Do you have problems with the setup or you just found a bug? Then we invite you to join our Discord server. Our nice community is always ready to help.

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