The Versatile T 55A

Fond of an aggressive play style? Flank attacks, the fast capture of key positions, accurate firing whilst driving at full speed… Take a look at the T 55A: enemy vehicles won’t stand a chance against this universal soldier!

This enriched Tier IX tank inherited excellent dynamics and maneuverability from the Soviet T-54. The 100 mm gun of the T 55A boasts not only high accuracy and good depression and elevation angles, but also an excellent rate of fire: 8 shots per minute with an average of 310 HP of damage per each! This tank also features a solid turret and decent hull armor: thanks to its slope, the effective thickness of the frontal armor reaches approximately 200 mm.

Check the T 55A out—it won’t let you down in battle!

Until December 21

The Versatile T 55A

Price: 17,000

Characteristics and screenshots of the Т 55А


The T 55A is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to the profitability of a researchable Tier IX vehicle with activated enrichment. The characteristics of the Т 55А may be adjusted in future if it is necessary to improve game balance.