The Uncatchable T-22 medium

The new Collector XT-22 medium is, without exaggeration, a near perfect tank. It is dynamic and maneuverable like the Leopard. Fast-firing like the T-62A. Accurate even while driving at full speed like the Patton. Great at deflecting enemy shells and artfully armored like the IS-7. Its turret is as solid as that of the T-54 in earlier versions of the game. One can hardly imagine a better tank as the main reward for the New Year’s Adventure event!

The Uncatchable Legendary Camouflage and Standard Bearer Attachment

These visual improvements will make your T-22 medium even more formidable and impressive:


  • The Uncatchable legendary camouflage is effective on all types of map. It doesn’t require replenishment and changes the tank name in battle to T-22 Uncatchable.
  • The Standard Bearer attachment spruces up the vehicle model: it adds the game logo to the frontal armor, anti-HEAT screens to the sides, a basket with supplies to the rear of the turret, and the game’s flag to the side. All these improvements apply to the tank’s appearance only and don’t affect its damage model.

How to Get All This Stuff

Participate in the New Year activities on the game portal:

And now, get ready to absorb as much useful information as possible—a quick guide on how to claim the T-22 medium:

To seize the T-22 medium, use XP multipliers for your first victory and receive Cards for doing so. On the New Year’s Adventure screen in the game, use Cards to unlock stages marked with a Candy Cane icon and receive Candy Canes. The latter are also highly likely to drop from Candy Boxes that you can open in the Store. Go to the game portal and exchange Candy Canes for decorations for your New Year tree. The more beautiful your New Year tree, the higher its level. You’ll receive gifts for reaching each level, among which are three Lucky Tickets for the Lucky Draw on level III and IV—the first chance to win the T-22 medium. If you didn’t get the tank from the Lucky Draw, just continue decorating your New Year tree and you’ll be awarded the T-22 medium on level V, and a camouflage and attachment for this vehicle on level VI. Ta-da!

A Tank That Influences the Battle’s Outcome

If you think we’re honoring a medium tank too much, even though it’s a Tier X tank, trust us: it’s worth the praise. The T-22 medium is a tank that won’t back down where others might. No tank in the game can overcome all situations, but this one will come out on top more often than not, and usually sway the battle outcome in the process. Think you can handle it?

The T-22 medium resembles a heavy tank from the IS-3/IS-8/IS-7 line, featuring a “pike nose”, solid turret, and deceptive sides that easily deflect enemy shells.

The frontal hull armor is just 100 mm thick, which hardly allows this tank to block shots from most Tier X opponents. Thanks to its shape and big slope, though, the vehicle’s frontal armor will sometimes bounce off stray shells and save your hit points.

The hull sides are a different story. With a vertical side skirt and the sharp slope of the main hull under it, this tank’s hull is as deceptive as that of the Soviet heavies. Despite the weak 80 mm armor, penetrating the sides of the T-22 medium upon angling is a difficult task.

The rounded turret with 230 mm of frontal armor can repel shells fired from the most powerful guns. So whenever possible, hide the hull behind cover and enjoy seeing your enemy’s helplessness! But remember, it won’t be easy to take advantage of the turret armor when playing on rough terrain: the gun’s depression angle is just 6 degrees.

The T-22 medium is armed with a 100 mm gun similar to those of the Object 140 and T-62A. It deals devastating damage per minute: 3,000 HP without bonuses and 3,500 HP with equipment and provisions applied. The gun reloads in 5.3 seconds, and its stabilization and accuracy allow it to hit a target even while driving at full speed.

This tank pays for such impressive firepower with its low single-shot damage for a Tier X vehicle and mediocre standard shell penetration: 240 mm won’t always be enough to penetrate heavily armored enemies at the front. Yet, the T-22 medium is a maneuverable and dynamic tank that can easily flank the enemy, and then the high rate of fire will do its part.

Thanks to its high specific power, this tank effortlessly reaches a speed of 40–50 km/h. Add equipment, provisions, and Engine Power Boost, and you’ll be able to climb any mountain and take any key position!

Skillfully maneuvering between obstacles and circling around enemy vehicles—piece of cake on the T-22 medium. This tank barely loses speed when traversing. For example, while moving at 50 km/h, the T-22 medium will slow down by 5 km/h on a 90-degree turn, and just 10–12 km/h on a full turn!

The close-range combat efficiency is slightly dampened by the turret. Sometimes, its traverse speed isn’t enough to aim at the enemy all the time. To enhance this and other characteristics, we recommend you take Improved Fuel and Extra Combat Rations into the battle.

The new Collector T-22 medium turned out to be a worthy representative of Soviet medium tanks. It is well-suited for both aggressive maneuvering battles and flanking movements. If needed, this tank can effectively snipe at long distances. When driven by skilled players, the T-22 medium will be the enemy team’s undoing. Take command of this awesome tank!