The Story of One Cam-Meow-Flage

To create a perfect festive atmosphere, a comprehensive approach is needed. Therefore, this year you can install themed avatars, make a New Year tree out of an ordinary one, and transform your Garage from a simple snowy village into an epicenter of fun. But for us that just wasn’t enough. We wanted to add something else that could be used as a decoration for your favorite vehicles and would raise your spirits during battles as well. With that challenging task, we approached our warpaint designer. Watch this video and learn the story of the creation of the cutest camouflage in the game!

“So, this is the New Year camouflage!”, whispered the developer.

“Meow!”, replied the cat.

This is the official story behind Nine lives. But it wasn’t just the designer who was inspired by the fluffy muzzle. One of the team members decided to share the festive mood with the players. Meet Konstantin, the king of tank-themed sweatshirts and archduke of T-shirts with the Blitz logo.

“Konstantin, why did you decide to take it a step further and create a cat camouflage for people?”

“Well, the idea was in the air. Look around: on cold winter days, the developers wear sweaters with reindeer.”

We look around and immediately see it’s true: a server engineer walks by wearing a reindeer on his back.

“So I thought: we could make the same sweater, just make it our own, original, Blitz-themed. Both our developers and all fans of the game could wear it. Isn’t it great?”

We think it is. So we’re offering you a chance to invite more soft cat paws into your life!

Cat sweatshirt

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