The Road Warriors

A storm is coming. The biggest one in recent times. In these zero visibility conditions, only fools and madmen will leave the Garage. You don’t look like a fool — you’re still alive. So, I guess it’s just a bunch of madmen. Fine, let’s go then…Stop! Does everyone here have their Tier V vehicles? If not, get yourself the Scavenger at least. Everybody else — attention!

Hot coffee in the morning and homemade pastries? A myth. French fries and burgers? Fiction. TV shows and music? A history long forgotten. You are in the Wasteland. Only a few settlements remain here, plundered by a gang of psychos. There are locals that need resources to survive the storm. You may be a madman, but you don’t work for free — there will be rewards, plenty of them. But don’t just hide in the bushes, otherwise you won’t get anything.


Here’s a VHS with short instructions:

It’s simple, really. Open the map. There you will find two routes and marked settlements. Earn fuel and supplies for the nearest settlement, seize your reward, and move forward.

You can hit the road from October 17 through October 25. The task must be completed in 10 days. Then you will have an extra 8 days to purchase resources using gold. We will wrap it up on November 12.

  • CIS: Individual start from October 17, 8:00 (MSK) through October 25, 8:00 (MSK).
  • Europe: Individual start from October 17, 8:00 (CEST) through October 25, 8:00 (CEST).
  • North America: Individual start from October 17, 4:00 (PT), 7:00 (ET) through October 25, 4:00 (PT), 7:00 (ET).
  • Asia: Individual start from October 17, 8:00 (UTC+8) through October 25, 8:00 (UTC+8).

Keep in mind — you have to collect a whole lot of resources. Only the most skilled players will be able to cross the entire Wasteland!


These days, Biogas is worth its weight in gold. It is normally used for tanks, but the locals also use it as fuel for power generators in their settlements. You can earn Biogas both in regular battles and in the Mad Games arenas. Each win will earn you 50–100 cans of Biogas depending on your vehicle tier. Here’s the formula:

10 cans of Biogas multiplied by the vehicle tier.

By the way, don’t expect to sit on the sidelines while others are fighting for victory: you can get Biogas only if you earn at least 300 base Combat XP.


Apart from Biogas, you will also need Cookies. This nutritious delicacy doesn’t go stale or lose its taste. Besides, it goes really well with tea from the dust of Indian roads. You can find Cookies across the Wasteland. As a rule, they are packaged in Common Containers that protect food from radiation.

On average you can find 667 Cookies in each Container. Maybe more, maybe less.


You will get plenty of rewards for completing the task:

  • VIIGravedigger 
  • VIITankenstein 
  •  1 certificate for 9 hours of Premium Account
  •  67 Rare Combat XP boosters
  •  67 Rare Crew XP boosters
  •  67 Rare Free XP boosters
  • 20,000


One of the routes will lead you to the Tankenstein. You’ve probably already heard about this finalist of “the most dreadful tank” contest. Two hundred years ago, a mad scientist assembled it from the parts of other vehicles. Thick armor, increased profitability, and two powerful guns — you can also mount an alternative gun for 100 Combat XP. Prepare to make your enemy’s existence a nightmare.

It is still unclear how this heavy tank made it through the apocalypse without falling apart, but the ruthless Tankenstein is ready to fight again!

If you already have the Tankenstein in your Garage, you will receive 1,500,000  plus a Garage slot as compensation.


The second route will lead you to the Gravedigger. In years gone by (in 2018 to be more precise), Peter Pound©, the Principal Vehicle designer of Mad Max: Fury Road, drew some sketches of this vehicle. And when the old world collapsed, the mad Wasteland engineers constructed a working prototype.


This vehicle is equipped with a 6-pounder 57 mm Nailgun with 6 shells in the magazine. It’s loading time is just 0.67 seconds. The whole magazine takes roughly 11 seconds to reload, so stock up on shells and prepare for nonstop shooting.

The vehicle’s armor is able to survive the attacks of most Tier VII medium and heavy tanks. The Gravedigger also features reliable frontal armor thanks to the extreme ricochet angles of its upper and lower plates. The sides, however, are a bit thin, but you can still sidescrape.

Moreover, the vehicle features decent dynamics and the highest weight for its tier. The combination of speed, weight, and armor is a powerful one if you want to finish off your enemies by ramming them. So, don’t hesitate to crush everything that moves.

Besides this, the Gravedigger is a Collector vehicle, so you can always sell it for 2,500  in tough times.

Well, let’s hope we didn’t miss anything important… Ah yes, if you happen to use the Tankenstein or Gravedigger in the Mad Games arenas, don’t forget about modifications. The first one is equipped with solid Uranium Shield and Half-Life Discharge, which increases your damage. The second one can boast Chameleon Concealment (hello invisibility, my old friend!) and Battle Coordinator, which improves some gun characteristics.

Well, that’s all Folks!

P. S. The Brotherhood of Blitz is recruiting. These daredevils are the most desperate tankers of the Wasteland whose goal is to find and preserve the vehicles of the past, present, and even the future. You can easily recognize them by their uniform. And we happened to have a couple of extra sets.

Order here!

© Peter Pound, Principal Vehicle Designer and Concept Artist, Mad Max Fury Road.