The Chinese Commando 121B

From February 8 through 15, the enriched 121B will be available in the Store. It can rush in to attack, deflect enemy shells with its frontal armor, and hit the enemy hard in response. The 121B is equipped with a powerful, fast-firing 105 mm gun that deals almost 3,000 HP of damage per minute. It is always ready for the fight: at any time and against any opponent.

Available for purchase till February 15

The Chinese Commando 121B

  • X121B
  • Garage slot
  • Gold Gem Legendary avatar

Price: 17,500

Characteristics and screenshots of the 121B


The 121B is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to that of a Tier X researchable vehicle with activated enrichment. The 121B characteristics may be adjusted in future if it is necessary for game balance purposes.