Tanks of Victory Containers

Right now the Store offers containers that have a chance of dropping one out of a possible five Premium tanks or other rewards. These vehicles are the heavy IS-2 (1945), deadly ISU-122C, superstar T-34-85 Rudy, memorable T-34-85 Victory, and quick-firing Cromwell B. Get these legendary battle vehicles!

Each container includes a random reward from the list:


Legendary camouflage

When you get the IS-2 (1945) or the Cromwell B, take a look at their Appearance menu: a legendary camouflage is available for these vehicles. Fight wearing the colors of the Battle of Berlin with the IS-2 (1945) or the Desert Rats division emblem with the Cromwell B!


 The Berlin legendary camouflage is effective on all types of maps, it doesn’t require resupply, and it changes the tanks’ names in battle to IS-2 Berlin and Cromwell B Berlin respectively. The price for unlocking is 950 for the IS-2 (1945) and 600 for the Cromwell B.

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