Spring Season Rating Battles

The Spring Season is in full swing, and it’s time for a new battle for ratings. Your main goal remains the same: overcome all enemies, make it to the Diamond League, and receive as many rewards as possible. Warped armor and extreme competition are guaranteed!

Spring Season rating battles will take place from April 5 through May 31.

First, fight ten calibration battles to determine your starting rating. Then follow three simple rules: don’t panic, beware of shooting bushes, and if you hear the roar of a tank rushing at you, destroy it!

Remember: the better you perform in combat, the more rating points you receive and the faster you progress up the leaderboard, moving from one league to another.

In April and May, victories in rating battles will bring you even more profit! Win 40 battles a week and get 
Season Coins for each victory:

  • Silver League—

  • Gold League—

  • Platinum League—

  • Diamond League—

You will get your Season Coins right after you win a battle. The counter of 40 battles is reset every Monday at 02:00 (CEST).

You can spend Season Coins in the Store on containers full of prizes. The main rewards are the quick A-32, dynamic Type 64, or fast-firing Cromwell B.

  Gold is a valuable game resource. The 100 best fighters in the Spring Season will replenish their stocks of this precious metal:

  • 1st place—
  • 2nd–3rd places—
  • 4th–5th places—
  • 6th–10th places—
  • 11th–20th places—
  • 21st–100th places—

All players who reach the Diamond League by the end of the season will receive a new camouflage for the Tier VII–X vehicles they fought the most rating battles in. You can get up to four warpaints: one for each eligible vehicle tier, as long as you have fought at least 50 battles in vehicles of that tier.

Those who will make it to the Platinum League by the end of the season will receive the Rating Camo:

If the camouflage cannot be applied to your vehicle or if it’s already applied, you will receive
250,000 as compensation.

Additionally, you will receive an avatar for 31 days depending on your final rating in the season:


League Avatar
at least 5,000

rating points


League Avatar
at least 4,000

rating points


League Avatar
at least 3,000

rating points

During the season, you will also receive bonuses for your victories in rating battles.

  Bonus to credits:

  •  Gold League: 0–32%
  •  Platinum League: 33–65%
  •  Diamond League: 66% or higher

Bonus to Combat XP :

  • +10% to XP for Tier VII vehicles
  • +15% to XP for Tier VIII vehicles
  • +20% to XP for Tier IX vehicles
  • +25% to XP for Tier X vehicles

Win rating battles, earn Season Coins, and get gold and warpaints as a reward! Join the Spring Season. Choose your path of competition!