Meeting place: Discord

Dear friends,

We use many platforms to communicate with our players. Over time, simpler and more reliable communication channels are created and of course we can’t ignore them. Discord is one such channel. It is steadily gaining popularity among gamers around the world, and many of you have already had the opportunity to use it. Now we can enjoy all the convenient features this platform has to offer together.

World of Tanks Blitz on Discord

Why Discord

There are many messengers out there but none of them come without some significant drawback. Discord developers have managed to avoid most problems and make a truly high-quality chatting program.

You can install Discord on any platform completely free of charge. It has a comfortable overlay mode that allows for using the voice chat when playing both on a PC and on a mobile device. Discord is easy to use and allows for flexible channel customization — you won’t get drowned in the flood and will always be able to find useful information.

What’s inside

Join the World of Tanks Blitz server on Discord so you can:

  • Be the first to get the latest event updates
  • Get exclusive information about the game
  • Talk to our community managers, guests from the development team, and streamers
  • Discuss all kinds of game-related issues with other tankers
  • Quickly find a companion to create a platoon
  • Use the voice chat during the game
  • Have a good laugh at the memes

Currently, you can communicate with developers only in English. However, we are ready to create dedicated channels for the speakers of other languages if necessary.

How everything works here

Discord allows you to both communicate with a specific person and join communities of interest (here they are called servers). On our server, we have set up various themed channels. Some of them were created specifically for messages from developers-administrators, others are meant for players. For example, in the “news-discussion” and “coming-soon” channels, we publish news and insider information. The “balance-discussion” channel is where you can discuss vehicle characteristics. Looking for a platoon mate? “platoon-search” is the solution for you.

Here’s how you find us

Follow the link and fill out the registration form in the new window. You can continue using the web-based version of Discord or install the app on your PC.

For the users of mobile devices: first, install Discord from the AppStore or PlayMarket, then follow the link to our server.

Come chat with us on Discord!