Mad Games: Captain and Philosophical Thoughts



‘I just realized that the arenas’ gates will close forever in two weeks.’


‘What the hell you are saying? You know what that means? The opportunity to claim post-apocalyptic vehicles will be gone! Crazy ram attacks from nowhere, repairing your allies with shells, and lightning-fast movements will no longer be available! Your gags will be over! Fun-filled rides in the midst of the raging storm will end. Everything will end!’

‘I’m surprised! Our life AFTER the Apocalypse isn’t that bad. And generally, we should look on the bright side. Back in the day, we overloaded this planet and were literally suffocating, covered by the heaps of stuff that we produced. But we continued to produce more and more. And now look around.’

‘Everything is dead and will never be the same again.’

‘Oh absolutely. But take a closer look. As the last shreds of civilization, we still find solace in creating something new from the remnants of the old world. We continue to create even in the last moments of mankind’s existence! Well, we produce strange heavy vehicles and fight each other in the arenas to get resources. But that’s how we find purpose in our wretched life! You know what I mean? As long as we are creating, this universe continues to breathe and be reborn!’

‘Captain, did you read those books that we found under that massive Buddha statue again?’

‘What makes you think I can read?’

‘Okay, okay, I got it: the Mad Games will end one day, but their elements will be reborn and become part of something greater…’

‘Go easy with that analytical thinking, the elders might see you as their rival.’

‘Screw you, captain!’