“French Tanks Marching” Event


This weekend, all admirers of French vehicles will have a great opportunity to broaden their vehicle collection and make a dash towards the cherished “tens”. Discounts on researchable French vehicles, 3x experience for your first victory, and a bunch of other bonuses are waiting for you!

The event is active from February 22, 6:00 (CET) through February 25, 6:00 (CET).

Bonuses and Discounts

 Three times more experience for your first victory.

 20% discount on unlocking equipment slots.

 20% discount on provisions.

 20% discount on consumables.

 discounts for training crews in the Tank Academy (up to 100%):

  • 50% — on Tier II–VI vehicles.
  • 40% — on Tier VII–VIII vehicles.
  • 30% — on Tier IX–X vehicles.

 Discounts on researchable French vehicles:

  • 50% for Tier II–V vehicles.
  • 30% for Tier VI–VII vehicles.
  • 20% for Tier VIII vehicles.
  • 15% for Tier IX–X vehicles.

 Discounts on Premium vehicles available in the Tech Tree:

  • Tier VI: 30%
  • Tiers VII: 25%
  • Tier VIII: 20%