Chrysler K—The Thick-Skinned Heavy

Strong frontal armor, a durable turret ready to bounce anything coming its way, a decent gun and surprisingly good movement for a 60-ton colossus—all this can be found in the newest Premium tank, the Chrysler K. Additionally, the legendary “Tomahawk” camouflage and the “Vanguard” attachment will underline the crushing power of this monster. Meet this thick-skinned heavy up close and battle for victory, credits and glory!

Until February 1, two versions of the Chrysler K—one fully loaded and the other more bare-bones—will be in the Store. Also, in a separate package, you’ll find the “Vanguard” attachment and legendary camouflage, which changes the tank’s name in battle to Chrysler K Tomahawk!

Get It Before February 1


The Heavily-Armored Chrysler K 

Price: 15,000


The Fully-Equipped Chrysler K 

  • VIIIChrysler K
  •  Garage slot
  •  9 equipment slots
  •  Gold Gem Legendary avatar

Price: 17,000


A Camouflage and Attachment for the Chrysler K 

  •  The Tomahawk legendary camouflage for the Chrysler K, which changes the tank name in battle to Chrysler K Tomahawk 
  •  The Vanguard attachment for the Chrysler K

Price: 2,000

Everything You Need to Know

Until today, there was only one Tier VIII heavy tank with a rear-mounted turret, the Soviet IS-2Sh. There are both pros and cons to these vehicles: due to this turret placement some heated discussions can start, but they have proven themselves in “Blitz” battles.

Straightaway, the reasoning behind rear-mounted turret becomes clear: the Chrysler K will be especially good in urban confrontations. You position your hull in a diamond shape near a house, cover your front behind the wall, and deal some damage, rejecting any incoming shells with your side. The thickness of its side armor is only 110 mm but angling the heavy will get the job done with its ricocheting. 100% guaranteed.

The turret also makes for convenient shooting from such positions. Its thickness reaches up to 254 mm (at the gun’s mask). Frontally, it varies from 152 mm up to 254 mm. This impressive defense is reinforced by a rounded shape, perfect for ricochets. The turret still can be penetrated by targeting the commander’s hatch, but to hit it, a foe will need sniper-like accuracy, a little luck and your willing participation (simply stand still and let the enemy take aim).


As for the frontal armor, there’re some pros and some cons. The good: the upper plate has a thickness of 152 mm and is set at a great angle to perfectly protect your HP pool. The bad: the infamous weak spot, the lower plate. Despite an impressive 145 mm of thickness, it can be easily penetrated by most rivals because of its insufficient inclination. Remember: the longer you hide this plate, the more likely you are to stay alive.

Its thick armor and large mass don’t mean that the Chrysler K isn’t a boisterous tank. Just imagine a Rottweiler that’s heard the rustle of food being prepared, that’s this American heavy. On the flats, its powerful engine accelerates to 30km/h in 5 seconds and gets up to its max speed of 40 km/h in just 10. This means that you’ll manage to get to the key areas of a map and, even on occasion, to ram an unaware soft target.

The maneuverability of this American heavy is also pretty decent: this vehicle can take sharp turns with just slight deceleration. The turret spins fairly quickly (it’s on a par with the VK 45.02 or the IS-5). Of course, as a heavy vehicle you can be circled around by a speedy enemy tank, but they better be prepared for returning fire.

The Chrysler K is armed with the improved version of the T32’s top 105-mm gun. It features a good rate of fire, decent armor penetration and modest damage. You’ll be able to penetrate the majority of foes when targeting their weak points. For those well-protected enemies, an APCR shell can prove useful with its ability to pierce armor 245 mm thick.

As for the gun depression, it depends on where exactly you point your barrel. When looking forward, you’ll only have 6 degrees. However, when hanging over the sides or the back, the number will reach 10 degrees. These angles won’t make the Chrysler K the “lord of the hills”, but it will help in some situations to utilize the terrain and fight more effectively.

Chrysler K: It’s a dynamic “heavy”, able to quickly adjust to the course of battle. Its combination of good mobility and strong armor makes it a multi-tasking fighter who can both defend the land and lead the charge. It’s a versatile warrior, but don’t send it to do reconnaissance. Due to the rear-mounted turret (which is pretty handy at ricocheting shells, too), this new Premium is great for urban battles. And thanks to its Premium yield, there will be an extra heap of credits on top of your victories!