Cam-meow-flage in Update 5.6

Four legendary camouflages and four rare camouflages for all vehicles will soon be available in the game. Also, check out the “cutest camouflage of the year” winner—Nine Lives. You’re gonna love His Royal Catness, especially since you’ll be able to purchase it using credits.

Starting from the release of the upcoming update, the Fearless Lion, Sharp Spurs, Fierce Beak, Wise Raven, Glorious Eagle, Pumpkin Mayhem, Spooky Web, Unexpectable, Steppe Snowstorm, and Effective Concealment rare warpaints won’t be available for purchase. Thus, you will have more space for the new outfits. So, if you want to pick up any of these camouflages, you’ll need to purchase them before Update 5.6 is released.

Now, here’s a preview of the new warpaints!

Nine Lives

Throughout the year, this mischievous cat was distracting his owner from their work with demanding meows, begging for food several times a night, and sharpening his claws on the new sofa. As punishment for his misbehaviour, he was sent to World of Tanks Blitz. We will soon see if he also plays tricks in tank battles. Meanwhile, enjoy this cute cat’s face on your favorite tank.

Cost: 100–6,000 depending on the cat tier.


WG Fest 2018 will be held in Moscow on December 15. Together we will bring the heat again! To commemorate this event, you can purchase a warpaint that embodies the raging power of volcanic rock hidden in every vehicle.

Cost: 65–1,200 depending on the vehicle tier.


When all your memories of the past summer have frozen, it’s time to put on the Cold-blooded camouflage. Distinct lines and a beautiful combination of blue and dark blue are a perfect fit for the winter slot.

Cost: 65–1,200 depending on the vehicle tier.

Frozen Flame

Ice demons are on the loose and the authorities are paralyzed with fear. Can you harness the unbridled element and save the city from destruction?

Cost: 65–1,200 depending on the vehicle tier.

Glacial Armor

We took the texture of the frozen lake from Winter Malinovka and carefully transferred it to the vehicle exterior. That’s how we made Glacial Armor, which will be an excellent addition to your collection of winter warpaints.

Cost: 65–1,200 depending on the vehicle tier.

Exceptional Fighter

This is an example of a well-crafted legendary warpaint. Classic camouflage spots in combination with a straight white line on the turret, gun, and hull—the stuff but not the fluff. Fans of the VIIIT-44 will appreciate it!

Cost: 1,450.

You Rock!

Like the Chieftain Mk.6, the VIIFV201 (A45) can now boast a patriotic warpaint too. The British flag in all its glory is placed on the top of this Premium heavy tank.

Cost: 1,070.

Pixel Wave and Digital Trace

Rare camouflages inspired by real events for players who have the Premium VIIIWZ-111 and VIIIType 59 tanks in their Garage. Today, the Chinese army uses the same pixel patterns to disguise armored vehicles and infantry.

Cost: 620.

Cost: 620.