Bundles of the Elements in the Game

During this week, our Store offers two representatives of the unbridled elements: the 112 Glacial heavy tank and the WZ 135G FT Blaze tank destroyer. Powerful guns, a stylish appearance—what more could a tanker want? 

The Premium tank destroyer is as impetuous as a raging flame. In spite of its weak armor, it is devastating and merciless: its powerful gun deals an average of 400 HP of damage per shot. A fire-breathing dragon complements the image of this destructive Premium vehicle. 

The 112 Glacial is a Tier VIII heavy tank with two icy dragons across its hull. This heavy hitter has solid armor: the turret front is 240 mm thick. The gun is covered with frost patterns and is as powerful as the gun of its blazing rival.

Through November 2


Glacial Bundle

Bundle price: 8,000


Blaze Bundle

Bundle price: 6,000


War of the Elements Bundle

Bundle price: 14,000

Characteristics of the 112 Glacial and the WZ 135G FT Blaze