Blitz Twister Cup and Wild Card Tournament Preliminaries Results

We have enjoyed some exciting matches and spectacular battles throughout the month, and now we know all the teams that will take part in the Blitz Twister Cup 2018 in Minsk on November 17. The following teams will fight for the $100,000 prize fund:

  • Ace Ventura [-V-] (CIS)
  • RA1D [RA1D]  (Europe)
  • PRAMO [PRAMO] (North America)
  • Ultimate FEAST [FEAST] (Asia)
  • TEAM Wombats [-WoT-] (China)
  • C4 [C4] (Wild Card)

See how the Blitz Twister Cup Preliminaries and Wild Card tournament unfolded below.


The group stage determined the main favorites of the Preliminaries. GUCCI GANG TEAM [GGAME] took 13 victories in 16 matches and finished first in their group. Second and third place in the group were split between C4 [C4], the Blitz Twister Cup 2016 winner, and Sabotage [-V-]. Both teams scored equal points. Ace Ventura (one more [-V-] clan team) took fourth place with 7 points.

Despite great results in the Preliminaries, GUCCI GANG TEAM didn’t meet the fans expectations and was eliminated from the Preliminaries Finals on the first day. First, the team lost to Sabotage with a score of 1:4, and then suffered another defeat to Ace Ventura (3:4) in the lower bracket.

The last match of the losers’ bracket was between the two [-V-] clan teams. Ace Ventura outplayed Sabotage (4:3) and made it to the Grand Finals where the C4 team awaited them. Both teams have already played against each other this season: Ace Ventura scored a win in the group stage first leg. С4 then had their revenge in the second leg and in the upper bracket match.

Although the statistics were on C4’s side, Ace Ventura took a win with the score 4:1 and clinched the title of best World of Tanks Blitz team in the CIS.

Results of the group stage and Finals

  1. GUCCI GANG TEAM [GGAME] — 13 points.
  2. C4 [C4] — 11 points.
  3. Sabotage [-V-] — 11 points.
  4. Ace Ventura [-V-] — 7 points.
  5. OLRCY [OLRCY] — 6 points.
  6. PinkTeam [GGAME] — 4 points.
  7. TheFear [Y_J] — 2 points.
  8. Imperious [PRO-E] — 2 points.


There was no clear leader among the European teams in the group stage. Ready 2 Kill [R2K-] (11 points) took first place, Big Game [LGN] (10 points) were second, Legion [LGN] (10 points) took third place, and RA1D [RA1D] (8 points) were fourth.

But things were more heated in the Finals. RA1D unexpectedly outplayed Ready 2 Kill (4:2) and Big Game (4:1), and easily made it to the Grand Finals. At the same time, Legion, the Blitz Twister Cup 2017 winners, were eliminated in the Preliminaries, first losing to the clan mates from Big Game (2:4) and to Ready 2 Kill, the Mobile Masters 2018 runners-up.

Ready 2 Kill actually followed the previous year’s scenario: The team successfully completed the group stage, and then didn’t make it through the Preliminaries Finals by losing in both the upper/lower bracket matches. This time the guys were unable to beat the Big Game team.

The latter made it to the Grand Finals but were defeated by the RA1D team (2:4), which became the best team in the European region.

Results of the group stage and Finals

  1. Ready 2 Kill [R2K-] — 11 points.
  2. Big Game [LGN] — 10 points.
  3. Legion [LGN] — 10 points.
  4. RA1D [RA1D] — 8 points.
  5. Not So Simple [-1-] — 7 points.
  6. ALL STAR [EZ-] — 6 points.
  7. LOCA [LOCA] — 3 points.
  8. RES is back [_RES_] — 1 point.

North America

It was really tight in the group stage. Reaction II [PNCR] and P R A M O [PRAMO] scored equal points (8), but the latter made it to the next stage due to better results in head-to-head matches (3:1 and 3:0). PRAMO [PRAMO] took first place with 11 points. HateUsMore, their clan mates and the Mobile Masters 2017 winners, were second with 10 points. MALICE [PNCR], the Mobile Masters 2018 bronze winners, took third place with 9 points.

In the final round, the PRAMO team continued its winning streak by successively beating the MALICE team and their clan mates from Reaction II. (both matches ended with the score 4:1). The MALICE team in its turn outplayed the HateUsMore team, which was quite a surprise.

In the Grand Finals, the PRAMO team once again faced off against MALICE, the latter were able to beat their clan mates from Reaction II in the last match of the lower bracket. The leaders of the season have easily beaten their rivals and will represent North America at the Blitz Twister Cup 2018.

Results of the group stage and Finals

  1. PRAMO [PRAMO] — 11 points.
  2. HateUsMore [PRAMO] — 10 points.
  3. MALICE [PNCR] — 9 points.
  4. Reaction II [PNCR] — 8 points.
  5. P R A M O [PRAMO] — 8 points.
  6. AIM TRUE [_STR8] — 5 points.
  7. MAS AQUA [PURPL] — 3 points.
  8. PURPLE [PURPL] — 2 points.


Team ID [-ID-], the Blitz Twister Cup 2016 runners-up, took first place with 12 points. PayToWin [ST-1] (10 points) and -TBT- [-TBT-] (8 points) were second and third respectively.

Like in North America, there was a harsh battle for the last place in the final round between Ultimate FEAST [FEAST] (7 points) and 183 Only [UI] (7 points). Ultimate FEAST [FEAST] made it to the next stage due to their better results in head-to-head matches (3:0 and 1:3). Fortune favors the brave. First, the Ultimate FEAST [FEAST] team destroyed their rivals from PayToWin (4:0), then relegated TEAM ID to the lower bracket (4:1) and made it through to the Grand Finals.

There were some close battles in the lower bracket as well. The -TBT- team outplayed the PayToWin team 4:3, but was then unable to beat Team ID (2:4). The latter, however, didn’t manage to outplay the Ultimate FEAST team in the Grand Final (1:4). The Grand Final winners will represent Asia at the Blitz Twister Cup.

Results of the group stage and Finals

  1. Team ID [-ID-] — 12 points.
  2. PayToWin [ST-1] — 10 points.
  3. -TBT- [-TBT-] — 8 points.
  4. Ultimate FEAST [FEAST] — 7 points.
  5. 183 Only [UI] — 7 points.
  6. UQ [UQ] — 6 points.
  7. EFSF [EFSF] — 4 points.
  8. Aria [DRST] — 2 points.

Wild Card Tournament results

On October 17, the European server held the Wild Card tournament for the first time. Its winner also qualified for the Blitz Twister Cup 2018. In this online tournament, the winners of the CIS Top Echelon Championship and a similar European championship met with the teams that came second in the Blitz Twister Cup Preliminaries in these regions.


  1. C4 [C4]
  2. Big Game [LGN]
  3. WHO IS NEXT [- WIN -]

Congratulations to the winners of the Preliminaries and the Wild Card tournament, we wish you the best of luck at the Blitz Twister Cup 2018!