Update 5.10

Mix a striking camouflage with a new system of missions, add a new-look Garage, and, for the finishing touch, sprinkle a dozen various avatars on top. Voila! A colorful spring update is ready!

Update 5.10 will take effect on April 24. Watch this video to find out what it’ll bring:


The number of available tasks has become larger, and the rewards more diverse. Check out the
New Missions article for more details.

Now you can complete not three, but ten daily missions, which are grouped by difficulty level. The higher your vehicle tier, the higher the mission level. This means the reward for completing the mission is of higher quality as well! Among the prizes are a lot of new warpaints for any vehicle.

With the update release, all players will receive 360 Keys as a bonus. To claim these Keys, install the update and enter the game by April 29, 0:00 (UTC) (3:00 (MSK) / 2:00 (CEST) / 8:00 (UTC+8); April 28, 17:00 (PT) / 20:00 (ET)).

Balance Improvements

Read the
Balance Improvements in Update 5.10 article to see all the stats.

We enhanced the armor of the sides, lower and upper glacis plates, hatches, and commander’s cupolas for many Tier VI heavies so that they feel more confident when opposing Tier VII vehicles on the battlefield.

To simplify module research at lower tiers, we replaced or removed inefficient guns and engines for several vehicles, as well as added missing types of shells or increased their number.

All the shells for replaced or removed guns will be refunded in full.


Check out
the Smashing Camo article to thoroughly examine our new warpaints and find out battle names of the vehicles wearing legendary camouflages.

All legendary warpaints now change vehicle names in battle.

You’ll be able to receive one of the following six new Rare warpaints for all vehicles for completing missions: Frozen Soil, Oasis, Hexagons, Green Mamba, Carbon, or Radiant Energy.


After the update release, some Rare warpaints will be available for purchase again: Retro, Thunderbolt, Full Forward, and Faster, Higher, Stronger. The Tactical Shield, Frozen Flame, and Tectonic camos will be removed from sale.

The Fire Sentinel Rare camouflage is now available for vehicles of all nations and types.


The following 11 new temporary avatars can drop from bonus containers:





















You can receive the same 11 avatars permanently for completing missions.

Other Improvements

Previously, an additional menu was displayed upon tapping the battle type selection button. Now, you will see a new screen. You can go back by tapping any free area on the screen or the Back button. Double tap the battle type button to select a battle type and close the screen. (Oh, and beautiful sparks are flying here.)

Let’s spend this spring in the forest! For that purpose, the Garage was moved outside into fresh air:

The battle queue screen was renewed.

The Detailed Overview screen now shows concealment parameters in percentage (while stationary, while moving, and upon firing while stationary). The names of characteristics were updated for autocannons (Burst Reload Time > Reload Time between Shots; Bursts per Magazine > Shots per Magazine; Shells per Burst > Shells per Shot).

We were so desperate to add the concealment parameter in this version that we missed a bug with camouflage. In Update 5.10, the concealment value for some vehicles may be displayed including the camouflage bonus, even if this camo is not installed on the vehicle. We will fix this bug in the next version of the game.

The Appearance tab is now also available on the components panel. It will be blocked for vehicles featuring a unique appearance (for example, T6 Dracula).

The link to the
World of Tanks Blitz official server in Discord was added to the Community tab in the side menu.

Bug Fixes

If you have a certificate for a camouflage in Storage, you can now get this camouflage even if it is removed from sale.

The bug where the clan supply discount on vehicle repairs was displayed incorrectly in the Detailed > Credits tab on the battle results screen was fixed.

When selecting a rating battle, tournament participants now see their rating in the Garage.

The shell tracer is now displayed correctly when firing at an obstacle.

Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved.

General bugs and client crashes were fixed.