Two Comrades: The T-44-100 and T-54 First Prototype


Two time-tested and battle-hardened warriors are back: the T-54 first prototype and T-44-100. Add these fierce vehicles to your collection!

Purchase through February 28


The Reliable T-54 First Prototype

Cost: 7500 


The Shielded T-44-100

  • VIIIT-44-100 
  •  Garage slot 
  • Hellfire legendary camouflage
  • Gold Gem Epic avatar

Cost: 7500 


Two Comrades

Cost: 15000 

The T-54 first prototype is slower than many of its counterparts, but its lacking mobility is more than compensated by reinforced armor and a good gun with high damage.

The T-44-100 is armed and armored like the top version of the researchable T-44. This tank is inferior to some of its opponents in dynamics, but features additional protection—side screens.

Characteristics of the T-54 first prototype and T-44-100