To the Beat of the Drum

This week, the lightning-quick and devastating Premium French vehicles, the Lorraine 40 t and AMX 13 57, are available in the in-game Store.

The Lorraine 40 t is an adrenaline junkie that always needs to be on the move. Its weak armor is unforgiving for battlefield mistakes, but its devastating firepower and high speed make the Lorraine 40 t a force that can tip the outcome of a battle. The AMX 13 57 is a quick and maneuverable tank featuring an accurate 6-shell magazine. The low single-shot damage of 90 HP per AP shell quickly adds up to 540 HP for the whole magazine. The reload time between shells is 1 second, while the magazine needs 10 seconds to reload before being ready to send another wave of destructive force at the enemy target.

Available for purchase through March 31:

Lorraine 40 t: Autoloader’s Primed and Ready!

Bundle price:

AMX 13 57 with a 6-Shell Magazine

Bundle price:

French Suppression: Lorraine 40 t and AMX 13 57

Bundle price:

Characteristics and screenshots of the Lorraine 40 t and AMX 13 57