TheFierce Panzer 58

Rapid-firing and accurate, dynamic and maneuverable, also good-looking and quite profitable—it’s the new Premium Panzer 58. The excellent characteristics are complemented by the Mutz legendary camouflage—the image of a ferocious bear is spread across the turret and hull sides. The camouflage changes the tank’s name in battle to Panzer 58 Mutz and does not require replenishment. Intimidate your opponents and tear enemy vehicles to pieces!

Bundles including the Panzer 58 with or without full equipment, as well as a separate bundle featuring the Mutz legendary camouflage, will be available in the in-game Store till December 21. Become one of the first lucky owners of the Panzer 58!

Through December 21:


The Panzer 58

Price: 15,000


The Fully-Equipped Panzer 58       

Price: 17,000


The Mutz Camouflage for the Panzer 58

  •  The Mutz legendary camouflage for the Panzer 58, which changes the tank’s name in battle to Panzer 58 Mutz.

Price: 1,590

More about the Panzer 58

In battle, the Panzer 58 most resembles its researchable German counterparts—the Tier IX and X Leopards. Despite being just as weakly armored, it has excellent maneuverability, decent speed, and an efficient gun.

In fact, the armor of the Panzer 58 is not as impressive as it may seem judging by its characteristics. You’ll find a small area at the front of the hull that is 120 mm thick, but the remaining armor is thinner, which makes it easy to penetrate for most opponents.

The turret has more reliable protection. First of all, the thick 120 mm armor plate at its front is larger. Secondly, a large part of the turret is covered by the gun mantlet. The enemy will find its weak spots in a close quarters engagement, but the turret of the Panzer 58 will be able to block a number of enemy shells at medium and long distances.


Thanks to its powerful engine and average weight, the Panzer 58 quickly accelerates to 40 km/h, which gradually reaches the maximum of 50 km/h on level ground. Rest assured: on this Premium tank, you will always be able to take a decisive position or rush to your allies’ side in time to help them.

The maneuverability of the Panzer 58 deserves special mention: this tank makes turns within a small radius and with no noticeable loss in speed. That means you can easily spin a clumsy tank destroyer around or slip between obstacles and enemy vehicles like a slalom champion!

The rapid-firing gun of the Panzer 58 devours enemy vehicles’ HP points like a locust eats crops: the potential damage per minute for an armor-piercing shell exceeds 2,100 hit points! And this is before provisions and equipment are added.

You’ll have everything you need to turn potential damage into enemy tears, credits, and beautiful statistics: the 212 mm of penetration capability will be enough to hit the sides or reach vulnerable spots in the frontal area of most targets. If the enemy stays impenetrable, but you still want to “bite” them, the APCR shells with 259 mm of penetration power are just what you need. 

The gun of the Panzer 58 “bows down” 10 degrees, which means it can deal damage with an additional advantage. Hide the tank’s hull behind terrain irregularities, leave only the turret exposed to take the blow, and escape safely after punching some holes in enemy armor!

Crush them all on the new Panzer 58!