The Unparalleled Chieftain Mk.6

Enemy shells will ricochet off the sloped armor or get stuck in the solid turret. The penetrating gun will riddle enemy vehicles with 2,780 HP per minute worth of holes. The powerful engine will quickly bring you to the required location, while the fast chassis and turret will make anyone who tries to outmaneuver you regret they tried. Great stabilization will mean you hit your target even when driving at full speed, and an excellent depression angle will help you hide the tank on hilly terrain. The enriched Chieftain Mk.6 is ready for any scenario and awaiting your orders!

Available for purchase through March 1:

Chieftain Mk.6

Price:  20,000

The Royal legendary camouflage

The Royal camouflage combines an urban warpaint on the sides and the British flag on the top. Fight as a king in the colors of the legendary Union Jack!


  • Changes the tank name in battle to Chieftain Mk.6 Royal.
  • +2% to vehicle concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot.
  • Cost to unlock: 2,840.

The Chieftain Mk.6 is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to the profitability of a researchable Tier X vehicle with activated enrichment. The characteristics of the Chieftain Mk.6 may be adjusted in future if it is necessary for game balance improvements.