The Stormy ISU-130


The ISU-130 with a powerful 130 mm gun has arrived in the in-game Store. This Soviet tank destroyer uses two types of Armor-Piercing shells: the first penetrates 230 mm of armor and deals 460 HP of damage, while the second “bites” 195 mm deep and deals 530 HP of damage. Combine this with a good rate of fire, and this Soviet tank destroyer can deprive enemy vehicles of 3,000 HP in a mere minute. The ISU-130 is a dangerous vehicle, able to quickly rid the enemy team of excessive vehicles.

Fight on the ISU-130, destroy enemy vehicles, and fill your coffers with credits!

There’s also a rare Forest Shadow warpaint available for the ISU-130. The cost to unlock the camouflage in the Appearance menu is 620 .

Until December 21

The Stormy ISU-130

Price: 12,500

Characteristics and screenshots of the ISU-130