The Never-Ending Battle between Good and Evil Is Upon Us

The world has cracked in two, and these eternal rivals rise once more from the nether realm.

No need to choose a side: this time, you can command both vehicles that won their fame on the World of Tanks Blitz battlefields. With just a little luck and a 10% chance, you can become the owner of these cherished vehicles via containers that will be in the Store from October 26 to November 2.

Every Helsing or Dracula container will always bring you from 3 to 5 rewards:

  • VIIHelsing H0 or  VIIT6 Dracula, depending on the container (10% chance)
  • 150–10,000
  • 50,000–250,000
  •  1 or 2 Rare certificates for Free XP ( 2,300)
  • 3–25 Common certificates for Free XP ( 200)
  •  10–25 parts of the certificate for 24 hours of Premium Account
  •  5 Epic Combat XP Boosters (+90%)
  •  5 Epic Free XP boosters (+500%)
  •  5 Epic Crew XP boosters (+250%)
  •  5 Epic Credit boosters ( 10,000–50,000)

And don’t miss the new in-game item—a Certificate for Free XP. Activate it and research the next tank in the Tech Tree faster!

If you wish to obtain more Free XP, a bundle containing a Common certificate for 200 will also be available in the Store from October 26 to November 2.

The terror that flaps in the night

Just like a bat in black, the VIIT6 Dracula flies around the battlefield taking out one enemy after another. The Dracula’s suspension is enchanted: the tracks are protected from the first direct hit, and in case of damage, they restore themselves in less than two seconds. This vampire pays for this ability with an increased chance of fire.

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The light in the darkness

An elegant tank destroyer with golden inserts, the VIIHelsing H0 is a perfect combination of style and devastating power, thanks to its twin gun resembling a crossbow. It fires twice in a row, just as you’d expect, with an interval of 0.25 seconds. The second shot is fired automatically.

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