The Heavily-Armored Chrysler K


The American heavy tank Chrysler K is back in stock. Apart from impressive maneuverability for a heavy tank, this fighter boasts reliable frontal armor and a comfortable fast-aiming gun. An important feature of the Chrysler K is how its turret’s placement provides an advantage when firing from behind cover.

Take command of the Chrysler K and take it into battle for new victories!

Available for purchase through May 3

The Heavily-Armored Chrysler K

Cost: 10 000 

Chrysler K with Camouflage and Attachment

  • VIIIChrysler K 
  •  Garage slot
  •  9 equipment slots
  • Tomahawk legendary camouflage
  • Vanguard rare attachment
  •  Hawkeye legendary avatar

Cost: 12 500 

A Premium heavy tank with solid frontal armor and a strong turret. The rear placement of its turret makes the Chrysler K a perfect choice for urban warfare as its side armor can easily deflect enemy shells when behind cover. A powerful engine makes this 60-ton vehicle surprisingly speedy. Add a decent gun and Premium profitability and you get a truly excellent heavy tank!

Characteristics of the Chrysler K