The Hardcore WZ-112-2

A new heavyweight fighter joined the ranks of Chinese warriors—the sturdy and fierce WZ-112-2. This Premium tank can stoically withstand enemy attacks, while its retaliatory strikes cause sizeable damage, often dispatching the enemy. The only thing the WZ-112-2 needs to rule the battlefield is a good commander. Get hold of the powerful WZ-112-2 and move ahead on the victory road!

Containers with the Premium WZ-112-2 and other rewards will be available in the Store till February 10. Win a new vehicle, certificates for Free XP, Premium Account time, and boosters!

Available for purchase till February 10

Each container includes a random reward from the list and has a 5% chance of dropping the WZ-112-2 tank.

  • VIIIWZ-112-2with a Garage slot. ATTENTION: the tank drop chance is 5%.
  • Up to  30 Epic boosters + up to  3 certificates for 28,000each + up to  30 parts of a certificate for 24 hours of Premium Account.
  • Up to  30 Rare boosters + up to  4 certificates for 2,300each + up to  30 parts of a certificate for 9 hours of Premium Account.
  • Up to  30 Common boosters + up to  25 certificates for 200each + up to  30 parts of a certificate for 9 hour of Premium Account.

The Celestial Legendary Camouflage and Hard Shell Attachment


  • The Celestial legendary camouflage for 1450is effective on all types of map. It doesn’t require replenishment and changes the tank name in battle to WZ-112-2 Celestial.
  • The Hard Shell attachment for 864 spruces up the vehicle model: it adds a basket with supplies to the rear of the turret.

A force to be reckoned with

The WZ-112-2 is a classic heavy tank resembling the IS-3, WZ-111, and 112 Glacial. It features a low silhouette, a flat turret that easily deflects shells and is shifted to the front of the hull, and a 122 mm gun capable of a massive single-shot damage.

Like the 112 Glacial, the new tank was designed without the famous “pike nose”. For sacrificing the advantages of this configuration, the WZ-112-2 has received two flat frontal armor plates and a better sidescraping ability. The 140 mm-thick upper plate is well-angled and able to withstand the hits from most Tier VII-VIII vehicle guns. The lower plate is traditionally thin and yields to shells with even a modest penetration, so do everything you can to hide this area!

If you decide to hide the hull’s front behind cover, the 100 mm-thick armor on the sides will be displayed at a good angle—this standard trick used by heavy vehicles will suit the WZ-112-2 just as well. But don’t overdo the sidescraping, or you’ll put your sides at risk. The vertically positioned track fender creates an illusion of vulnerability for the armor and provides additional protection. In reality, it’s only a screen hiding the real sloped armor beneath it. An experienced opponent is unlikely to strike there, but in the confusion of battle this screen will block a lot of damage.

The front of the WZ-112-2’s strong round turret is safely protected with 195 mm armor, which allows you to confidently hold back enemy attacks while hiding the hull behind cover. There are only two ways to penetrate this turret’s front: with high penetration and aiming at the “cheeks” from close range, or shooting with a jeweler’s accuracy at the small hatch projections on the turret.

The WZ-112-2 is equipped with a 580 hp engine, providing the tank with average mobility. The vehicle accelerates to 20 km/h within a couple of seconds, and takes about 8-10 seconds to reach the average speed of 30 km/h. Reaching its maximum speed of 42 km/h is quite feasible, but you’ll need to boost your tank with equipment and provisions. 

You’ll also want Improved Fuel and other enhancements on the WZ-112-2 because this tank doesn’t like to turn. It does so slowly, along a big trajectory and visibly loses speed. It’s better to slow down before the maneuver if you wish to fit into a sharp turn without driving into a building.

The WZ-112-2 is equipped with a 122 mm gun boasting high single-shot damage and a moderate rate of fire. The gun knocks off 400 HP per shot—tangible damage that quickly discourages the enemy from any further attempts to exchange fire with you. The basic 215 mm penetration is enough to efficiently fight at close and medium ranges. To get to the most thick-skinned opponents, take some HEAT shells with you into battle: they are capable of penetrating 270 mm of armor. 

The new WZ-112-2—a heavy with attitude. This Premium tank needs an experienced and confident commander able to unleash its full potential. Take command of the WZ-112-2 and free the power it holds inside, and you’ll be rewarded with victories and enviable amounts of credits!