The AMX 13 57 with a 6-Shell Magazine

Run for your lives!

The Premium AMX 13 57 tank is on the hunt! Its 6-shell magazine loading system will riddle the enemy with shells in the blink of an eye. About ten seconds later, it’s reloaded and ready to send another portion of destructive power towards its target. Return fire is no threat to this French saboteur: its excellent speed will help it escape and return from battle with a bunch of rewards and loads of credits!

Bundles including the AMX 13 57 with or without full equipment are available in the Store till November 2. Choose the configuration to your liking!

Available until November 2


The AMX 13 57 with a 6-Shell Magazine

Price: 10 000


The Fully-Equipped AMX 13 57

Price: 11 000

Small tank—great danger

The AMX 13 57 is very light, small, and delicate. At first, you might think that any of the tougher vehicles will be able to easily blast this Frenchman off the battlefield to somewhere beyond the horizon. But with the deftness of a street magician, the AMX 13 57 turns what would be a disadvantage for any other vehicle to its advantage. And now you’ll see that for yourself.

When dealing with a light Tier VII tank, and a French one at that, you really shouldn’t have your heart set on good armor. It protects you from the rain and you can’t hope for much else! This newbie is very vulnerable to explosive shells and ramming, so you better not enter the enemy’s aiming circle without a good reason. This is compensated by an increased number of hit points, though—1,100 (1,166 with Improved Assembly). That’s 100 HP more than the other light Tier VII tanks have, except for the Type 62.

When playing on the AMX 13 57, you can survive and win only on one condition: stay on the move, circle around, and get the most out of your engine. And let no single horse power idle away! Though the “Frenchman” weighs only 15 tons, its 310 hp engine can easily accelerate the vehicle to 50 km/h. Fully-equipped, with ammunition and Engine Power Boost, the AMX 13 57 turns into a rocket able to reach 61 km/h. 


And that’s not all! On top of that, the AMX 13 57 is very maneuverable, has a small turning radius, and barely loses speed even when making sharp turns. Rounding a barn on the Malinkova map at high speed, quickly leaving pursuers behind you—that is what the AMX 13 57 is about. Circling around the enemy is pure pleasure. Tank destroyers will feel it the most!

The long-barreled gun with a 6-shell magazine has been made to bring chaos and destruction to its enemies. Low single-shot damage of 90 HP by an AP shell totals up to 540 HP for the magazine. It takes just 1 second to reload the shells inside the magazine—and you’re ready to deal full damage within 5 seconds! The magazine itself needs a little less than 11 seconds to reload. 

The shell’s penetration will be sufficient if you play by the rules for light tanks: aim at the rear or sides, circle around the enemy, and set up other diversions. 143 mm is far from being enough for face-to-face combat, but it’s an act of desperation to get into such an encounter on a 15-ton vehicle with no armor anyway. If there’s really no other way and you have to fight back somehow, APCR will help you penetrate 195 mm of enemy armor. This will cost you 15 HP of single-shot damage, though.

The AMX 13 57 gun has perfect accuracy, just like a long-barreled gun should. On this tank, you can play a sniper’s role if you want to, though it won’t be as efficient as maneuverable combat. It aims rather quickly but the shells in the magazine reload even faster, so when in the Sniper Mode, you’ll have to sacrifice either the rate of fire or the accuracy. 

At first, fighting on the AMX 13 57 won’t be easy: high speed requires greater attention and the armor does not forgive mistakes. But by your second or third battle, you will grow to like it and the dashing maneuvers, sudden attacks, and the astonishment of an enemy who’s just received 6 shells right into their side will please you like nothing else.

Just make sure you leave your position on time and start the attack from the other side where no one expects you to turn up. All that joy comes with Premium-level profit — all your achievements will pay off in the clink of credits. Enter battle on the AMX 13 57!