The Accurate Rheinmetall Skorpion G

Beware! There’s a sniper in the vicinity. Patient, inconspicuous, and dangerous like a scorpion. The one who always strikes true… By the way, while you were reading this, the sniper was aiming at your vehicle’s ammo rack. Boom!

Skorpion G containers are available for purchase until November 30

Until the end of the month, the certificates for Free XP and bundles with 1, 20, or 50 Skorpion G containers will be available in the Store. You might find the brand-new Tier VIII Premium Rheinmetall Skorpion G tank destroyer in one, along with many other rewards.

Each container includes three rewards:

  1. VIIIRheinmetall Skorpion G (1% chance) or 1 Skorpion G Charm.
  2. 3 certificates for 200each.
  3. A random reward from this list:
  • a certificate for 1 day of Premium Account;
  • a certificate for purchasing a slot in the Garage;
  • 40 Common Combat XP Boosters, Free XP Boosters, Crew XP Boosters or credits;
  • 50,000.

After you have collected 100 Charms, you are guaranteed to receive the Tier VIII Skorpion G tank destroyer. If you receive the vehicle a second time, you will receive 7,100  and a Garage slot.

More about the Rheinmetall Skorpion G

This German tank destroyer mostly resembles the researchable branch headed by the Grille 15. It bears an open cabin and light hull, but in exchange, you get good mobility as well as the accurate and penetrating gun. Here are the detailed characteristics:

The main advantage of the Skorpion G is its 128 mm gun, which aims quickly and fires accurately. The gun deals an average of 460 HP of damage with AP shells, but don’t forget to take APCR and HE shells with you: you will definitely have a chance to share them with your enemies in each battle. The gun reloads in 11 seconds without a rammer or chocolate bars. Spend this time wisely: you not only have to hide from the enemy, but also look around, change position if necessary, and find a better shot for your next attack.

Speaking about the weak spots… well they are quite obvious. To damage this vehicle, you only have to hit its silhouette. The frontal sloped armor is not thick enough to block enemy shells. It is better to remain unnoticed, find a safe place to reload your gun, and examine the minimap thoroughly. Remember—changing your position is much better than thoughtless shots in front of an attacking enemy.


The thin armor allows the Skorpion G to move faster than its counterparts; it accelerates to 50 km/h when moving forward and to 20 km/h when moving backwards. This allows the tank destroyer to react immediately: you can quickly change your position or unexpectedly change flank to help your allies. If you get caught, there is still a chance for you to speed away unscathed. Though the Skorpion G doesn’t excel in this kind of scenario, it can still fend off most medium tanks. The vehicle has a fully traversable turret, but it is quite slow. You will have to shift the hull and move forwards/backwards. Think about adding Improved Fuel or Engine Accelerator—they will make your life a bit easier.

Fighting on the Skorpion G is no walk in the park. You have to choose your position wisely, stay focused, and think ahead of your enemies. However, if you master all of its peculiarities, you are sure to pull off some epic victories and earn loads of credits.


Good luck catching the Skorpion!