Tankarys! Steel dragons join the fight!

Dragons grant power that no king, queen, or warlord ever dreamed of. When you have dragons, there’s no problem that can’t be solved:

The enemy is holed up in an impenetrable fortress or fenced themselves off with a giant wall the size of a mountain? A dragon will break through these walls! Your enemies have raised an army and are marching against you? A dragon will never let them come near! A crafty enemy has lured you into a trap? A dragon will rescue its master! There’s glaring injustice taking place? Dragon will mete out punishment! Need a strong point during negotiations? A dragon will make it as convincing as it can be!

Hardly anything can oppose a dragon. Well, unless it’s another dragon. Get yourself at least one of them and unleash the fiery (or icy) rage on your enemy!

Available for purchase through April 22



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Ice Dragon

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Fiery Dragon

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Glacial, Blazing, and Unstoppable


The proudest of the steel dragon brothers, the 112 Glacial once considered fire to be its element. It was born of the mighty flame that never ceased raging under its armor. In times of anger, the 112 would unleash its fire and burn its enemies to ashes. Only once did the 112 suffer defeat. The flame failed it, and the fiery heart was forever shackled by ice as cold as the harshest winter this world has ever seen. It has now become the 112 Glacial, an implacable enemy of its former comrades. Take control of the Ice Dragon and let its hardened armor help you reach your goals, defeat your adversaries, and climb the highest walls!


The WZ Blaze is the most furious and merciless of all dragons. The flame inside it burns with anger craving for new fights. And the fiery dragon does not hold back its power, using fire as the simplest way to deal with challenges on its way. The mere sight of the enemy and the WZ Blaze strikes, and before you know it, this dragon drowns its adversary in its fury. Shots from its merciless gun leave the enemy no chance for salvation, while a powerful engine lets the dragon literally fly across the battlefield. Only the chosen ones have the power in them to bend this freedom-loving creature to their will. But if you manage to harness the WZ Blaze, all kingdoms of the realm will be yours.


Alongside the WZ Blaze and 112 Glacial is the fastest dragon, Type 62, also eager to fight. Give your order and it will turn into a blurred silhouette, piercing through enemy ranks like lightning, spitting fire like all hell broke loose. Its unexpected attacks drive enemies into a panic, and the green-and-gold design of its camouflage will make the enemy tremble in awe. Take control of these three dragons and any army will bow to your might!