T95E6 — the American Hero

A huge vehicle with a brutal appearance. The authentic sounds of an American engine, light rear of a medium tank, and a solid turret all combined with an accurate and penetrating gun. Meet the  XT95E6 collector vehicle — one of the fastest Tier X heavy tanks. The American Dream. Want to add this hero to your collection? Take part in the Lucky Draw!

To win the T95E6, you will need some Lucky Tickets for the Lucky Draw. You can get them from Candy Boxes or by decorating your New Year Tree on the portal.

When all else fails… he doesn’t!

The first thing you notice about the T95E6 — its huge size and tall silhouette. But don’t let that intimidate you. This new vehicle is quite speedy for its class. The 750 h.p. engine and high specific power guarantee good maximum speed and solid acceleration — this vehicle reaches 42 km/h in 7-8 seconds. Besides this, the tank boasts great terrain crossing capacity: it easily maintains a 35-40 km/h speed on different terrain types, be it forest roads, sand dunes, or snow.

However, it won’t be easy to manage this monster. Given its size and weight, the T95E6 boasts the grace of a sledgehammer at high speed. It’s not that hard to lose control of it. Negotiating corners may also cause some issues. This makes maneuvering in the streets of, say, Dynasty’s Pearl or circling around an enemy at maximum speed a difficult task. At an average speed, however, the vehicle acts quickly and accurately, making it perfectly suited for dynamic second-line combat. The good maneuverability of its chassis and a fast turret make the T95E6 a formidable opponent for most Tier IX-X vehicles.


The T95E6’s hull resembles another “American”—the medium T95E2. And though the new Tier X collector vehicle is notably better armored, entering a close quarters battle with other same-tier heavies can be a dangerous endeavour.

The hull’s frontal armor is just 114 mm thick. But thanks to the reasonable depression angle, its effective thickness in some areas reaches almost 350 mm. The sides and rear are less protected, though, so you should avoid exposing them to enemy fire.


The turret boasts more reliable armor. The thickness of its frontal armor varies from 152 mm to 280 mm while the gun mantlet is 178 mm thick. The weakest spot is the commander’s cupola. Despite being 220 mm thick at the front, it’s quite vulnerable. Luckily, the tank has good dynamics that allow you to move quickly from cover to cover, and excellent depression and elevation angles (-10 and +20) that make it possible to expose only the most protected parts of your armor to the enemy.

Besides that, the vehicle boasts an accurate gun with excellent stabilization—so you can shoot on the move—and good penetration. The AP shells penetrate 258 mm deep and deal 400 HP of damage per shot, while the HEAT shells penetrate 340 mm deep and cause 340 HP of damage. Damage per minute reaches 2,400 HP, which goes up to 3,200 HP with equipment and provisions applied!


The power of the T95E6 is in its versatility. Need to quickly take key positions on the map? No problem. Want to destroy a couple of medium tanks out in the open? Anytime. Want to quickly move from cover to cover, shooting down enemy heavies along the way? Nothing could be easier. The T95E6 is capable of a lot of things: it easily adapts to any situation in battle, and when others would surrender, this “American” goes all the way!