T28 Defender: The Secret Weapon

Years have passed since the IS-3 Defender became an overnight legend. In the first fight, this heavy came up against several enemy tanks… and the Defender destroyed them all; it was almost too easy. Then there was more fighting, more battles and there were thousands of fallen enemies. It seemed that no opponent or teammate would ever match up against this Soviet heavy. But sooner or later, the balance would be restored.

Somewhere in a desert across the ocean, behind thick barbed fences and beyond barriers and checkpoints, in a sterile garage, a tired engineer in a white robe said: “Done!” There was a strange hum. The siren then blared, and the gate opened, the rays of the sun beamed down and hit the blackened armor. At the rear of the vehicle and on its long-barreled gun lightning sparked, and the black armored vehicle soon shot off. This was the T28 Defender seeking its first fight, and it will soon go down in history.

Until 8 March, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on the T28 Defender, or if you prefer, get both of these unique machines, the IS-3 Defender and T28 Defender, with full equipment loadouts. Get hold of these unstoppable powers!

Available until 8 March:


The Mighty Defenders 

Price: 27,000


T28 Defender

Price: 17,000

Dossier: T28 Defender

A folder with these documents was found in a roadside motel room in Nevada. We don’t know who the guy who left them is, we just know he arrived late last night, frightened and shaken up. Any sound would make him twitchy and turn around to check it out. Plus, the headlights of a passing car spooked him so much he almost ran away. Something was definitely up. He just seemed to disappear after locking himself in his room. No-one saw him leave. It’s all too strange.


We don’t even know what we are working on. We never get any information ahead of time, it’s all on a day-to-day basis. The work plan, if such a thing exists, is kept somewhere among the black jackets, but the soldiers stand guard up at the entrance to their wing at all hours of the day. They say it’s for our safety. I don’t believe a word of it.

Increased Protection

A T28 Prototype was delivered to the base and then the project name was revealed—Defender.

The first point was strengthening the armor. We increased the thickness of the turret’s front to 215 mm, then we added a roof for extra protection. When the TD was on the firing and artillery range, tests showed that at mid- to long-range, the turret could withstand hits from medium tank weaponry.

The frontal armor was left unchanged: 203 mm tilted at such an angle that it’s an effort to hit it at mid-range. Of course, especially powerful weapons at short distances will be able to penetrate this, but the T28 Defender isn’t one for close combat.

We also took care of the sides: instead of 50 mm, there’s now 75 mm over the tracks. This will allow the T28 Defender to confidently angle its armor to block shells when firing from cover. The tracks have also been covered with 5-mm screens, this means that the vehicle will be harder to stop and penetrate with HE or HEAT shells.

Where did they get such an engine?

Yesterday, we spent the entire day signing the non-disclosure agreement. Then suddenly this morning, we discovered this thing in the garage, similar to an aircraft turbine. It was the engine, and according to documents, it boasts 750 horsepower. That’s all we know at the moment. How it even works is unclear. It took several days to prepare the hull and install the engine. When it started, we saw lightning running through the engine compartment. What is this thing?

This strange engine did the trick. There are rumours going around that it’s some sort of extra-terrestrial technology. When tested, the T28 Defender was able to hit 20 km/h in about 3 seconds and reach top speed of 30 km/h in about 7 seconds. Even rough terrain barely slows this monster down.

The turret is one of the key features of the T28 Prototype, and we managed to keep it. Despite its rotational restriction of 286 degrees, the T28 Defender is able to quickly respond to the emergence of new targets. Thanks to the turret, the low turning speed of the chassis isn’t so noticeable. And that’s not to mention it’s increased the chance of survival in battle.

The railgun already exists!

The theory of a gun based on an electromagnetic accelerator is known to us, but today we saw it in an actual real-life weapon. The best design engineers are within our team and none of us have created such a weapon—we were just instructed to turn the screws, here and there. Who made this weapon…?

Through one way or another, this weapon has enormous power. Its magazine can store 3 rounds, each recharging in 6.67 seconds, and reloading entirely takes 22 seconds. This gun isn’t the most accurate, but it can penetrate 225 mm with standard ammunition and deals 400 damage per shot. In just 14 secs, the T28 Defender can take away 1,200 HP from enemy forces!

The weapon testing went amazingly, and the project reached its final stage. We are proud to have helped create the T28 Defender, a weapon seriously ahead of its time in all respects. This vehicle is designed for fighting on the second line and the mighty armor and the autoloading gun make it a formidable opponent. Team up with a heavy tank that can cover when you need to reload and this T28 variant can quickly remove the enemy’s key machines from the fight.


Everything has its price: our team already knows so many secrets that it would be dangerous for us to leave here, plus they can put us to work on creating more weapons of the future. But I have an escape plan. The time’s come to put it into action!