Spring Season Tournaments

Spring is the time for spectacular and explosive competitions. Prepare your vehicles for battles and wage war on your enemies in engaging tournaments. Fight for cups, medals, credits, and gold. Earn Season Coins and open Season Containers filled with rewards!

Various kinds of team battles await you. Detailed regulations for each tournament and information about rewards can be found in the description of the tournament in the game. Now let’s make a blitz review of the main tournament activities for the season.

Everyone will be able to enjoy these whirlwind battles: from the newbies, who are only starting to test their skills in battles, to experienced fighters. So if you know how to drive a tank, fire, and hit the target, battle in Quick Tournaments and get rewards!

Not every tournament is just a team competition. In Ascent Tournaments, you’ll have to destroy enemy vehicles and earn cups in the name of your clan!

On Wednesdays, all teams will be divided into groups of eight. The four best teams from each group will get a ticket to Saturday’s tournament for even more credits, Season Coins, and cups.

Earn as many cups as possible and help your clan climb the leaderboard. Make it to one of the three Echelons and participate in the corresponding championship.


Forty clans. Three echelons. One goal. Victory!

Only the best take part in these relentless battles, so each clan will only be able to select one team for the tournament. The team’s goal is simple: reduce the enemy to ash.

All championship participants will receive commemorative awards, and the finalists will get a certificate for warpaint:

Professionals Tournament is a great opportunity to kick off your cybersport career!

The first thing for you and your team to do is to overcome the qualifying tournament that will be held on March 30 and 31 and receive the Professional’s Ticket. After that, focus your mind on victory and smash everyone standing in your way for fame and rewards!

Apart from gold, credits, and Season Coins, the winners get monetary prizes, and all qualified participants of the Professionals Tournament receive a commemorative medal, an avatar, and two warpaints: