Soviet Steel


The following battle-hardened Soviet tanks are awaiting your orders:

  • Support the allied offensive using the formidable K-91 , with a low silhouette and turret that easily deflects enemy shells. The tank is equipped with a powerful 100 mm gun with a three-shell magazine and high penetration.
  • Break through enemy defenses and hold positions on the heavy IS-2 (1945) . With its reliable armor, an average 400 HP of damage per shot, and good damage per minute, this tank is a formidable opponent.

Choose your tank and try it out in battle—you won’t be disappointed!

You can also acquire a bundle featuring the “Berlin” legendary camouflage for the IS-2 (1945).

Until December 14

The Formidable K-91

Price: 14,000

The Triumphant IS-2

Price: 6,000

“Berlin” camouflage for the IS-2

Price: 850

Characteristics of the K-91

Characteristics of the IS-2 (1945)

The K-91 is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to the profitability of a researchable Tier IX vehicle with activated enrichment. For the purpose of improving game balance, we may adjust the K-91’s characteristics if needed.