Smashing Camo

It feels much better when your vehicle not only easily smashes enemies, but looks smashing! Update 5.10 features many camouflage options that you can try on your favorite vehicles. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the new spring camos and see which of them will transform your tank into the most stylish battle vehicle on the server!

As the new update is released, the Tactical Shield, Frozen Flame, and Tectonic camouflages will no longer be available. Hurry up and get them before they’re gone!

Camouflage for Missions

Update 5.10 features six new options of rare camouflage that can drop out of containers as a reward for completing missions:

Frozen Soil

The cold, sober colors of the camo will help you blend into the severe and majestic winter landscape. In short, it will blend in naturally on snowy maps. It’s a great choice for those who want to get a small piece of winter, which has already gone. 

Resupply Cost: 50–3,000 credits depending on the vehicle tier.



A warm and visually pleasing pattern of this camouflage resembles the combination of sand and vegetation. The enemy looks at it, starts dreaming about the sun and the sea, loses their guard, and you get an easy frag!

Resupply Cost: 50–3,000 credits depending on the vehicle tier.



This camouflage’s pattern consists of hexagons. They give it a kind of a futuristic look: it seems like the vehicle has travelled back in time from the future to reverse the outcome of the battle and lead your team the victory. 

Resupply Cost: 50–3,000 credits depending on the vehicle tier.


Green Mamba

A stylish camouflage with shades of black and green resembling a venomous tropical snake ready to attack. One glance at your tank will be enough for the enemy to recoil in fear! Especially if you land an accurately aimed shell!

Doesn’t require resupply



A stylish black camouflage resembling hi-tech armor. It looks stunning on any tank and any map. Black is always in fashion!

Doesn’t require resupply


Radiant Energy

This camouflage, which is covered in lines of light, will make your tank look like a magical artifact. A dash of magic will make your victories even more pleasant!

Doesn’t require resupply


Camouflage for Gold and Credits

The update brings two rare oriental-styled warpaints.

Cost to unlock: 65–750 gold depending on the vehicle tier.

Golden Warrior


Black Tide


Four rare camouflages are back in the game: Retro, Thunderbolt, Full Forward, and Faster, Higher, Stronger.


Fire Sentinel

The Fire Sentinel rare camouflage that had previously been available for mounting only on Chinese medium tanks has become available for vehicles of all types and nations in Update 5.10.

Cost to unlock: 65–750 gold depending on the vehicle tier.


Legendary camouflage

In Update 5.10, all legendary camouflages in the game will change vehicle names in battle. This change will be applied to the legendary warpaints of the following vehicles:

  • KV-1
  • Cromwell B
  • T28 Concept
  • IS-2 (1945)
  • T26E4 SuperPershing
  • Löwe
  • T-44
  • T-44-100
  • T-54 first prototype
  • O-47
  • AMX Chasseur de chars
  • IS-6
  • IS-2Sh
  • IS-5
  • Chieftain/T95
  • KpfPz 70
  • T-54
  • Maus
  • T-62A