Smash, Destroy, Dominate!

The last rays of the sun touch the palm leaves for the last time, the distant roar of an engine and the gentle crunch of crushed skulls are heard from afar. That stinking smell means another wave of zombies is approaching (where did they come from, anyway?). The fear had barely sunk in when a massive shell levelled the brainless army to the ground. Nothing but smoke and a burnt hole were left. The engine roar is getting closer, and you can see a familiar silhouette with new details: shells, lightning bolts, and spikes. A fragile pink-haired creature jumps out of the tank’s hatch. What on earth is going on?

The Smasher is available in the Store through April 5. Get it before it rides off into the sunset!

Available for purchase through April 5:

Weighty Argument: The Smasher

  • VIISmasher
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Shortly Before the Apocalypse

The Mad Games are over, but this doesn’t mean we’re over with apocalyptic vehicles. It’s time to bring some serious armor to the battlefield. The Smasher is the unavoidable force needed to completely break the enemy’s morale. Its characteristics prove it.

The only thing we know about the pink-haired creature is that she occupies the tank. Yes, you heard that right: when she’s not saving the world, she drinks coke, chows down on combat rations, and takes peaceful naps right inside the iron machine. Of course, she wouldn’t risk putting herself in danger by living in an unsafe shelter. The Smasher’s hull armor is quite strong to give her enough time to wake up, stretch a bit, yawn, tidy her hair, and get rid of the enemy with a single shot after the shooting starts. Damage from inattentive enemies will be blocked by the stylish track and turret shields.

Of course, it’s not all shielded: to damage this heavy tank, you only need to attack its sides or rear with a fast vehicle. Add a not too prompt turret and low traverse speed to it, and you’ll see why this girl spent a couple of years learning about smart positioning.

In order to hold a position properly, it wouldn’t hurt to add some speed. You won’t be able to chase the Dracula or the Bullpup with this heavy tank loaded with equipment and a couple cases of Cola, however, it always reaches its speeds of 35 km/h forward and 12 km/h backward. In ten seconds, you’ll get this weighty metal rock going 25–30 km/h and never be late for the beginning of the battle.


The Smasher deals DAMAGE. The maximum damage of 640 HP caused by Armor-Piercing shells and 960—by High-Explosive shells is worth waiting the long 4.6 s for the gun to aim (all numbers are given considering provisions and full equipment are included). Full equipment also provides an impressive 2,500 HP of damage per minute! And the fire rate is still better than that of the KV-2, the Smasher’s lookalike: 15 s against 20 s. The tank wasn’t so lucky with its depression angle: the Smasher’s angles are one degree less in both directions, so you’re unlikely to become the king of the hills. To turn these numbers into pain and suffering for the enemy, you’ll have to find the right position, aim well, and read angry comments in the chat about the unfair RNG.


The Smasher isn’t just stylish and post-apocalyptic, it is also extremely painful for your enemies. The decent hull armor and speed gives you the opportunity to conduct a strategic war. Gather the support of your allies, be restrained, and see the giant amount of damage you cause!