Results of the “What a Twist!” Contest

Thousands of emails have been read, hundreds of replays have been watched and re-watched; with great difficulty and after many disputes, the winners have been selected. The “What a Twist!” replays contest has finished. The replays of the best battles are coming soon, but for now let’s see who the winners are!

Winners by Category

Action Hero

For this category, we accepted the replays of epic battles where the hero destroyed all 7 enemy vehicles. And the sparkling 2,500  flies to:

  • Asia—Kenta32
  • Europe—R4MML1ED
  • North America—BlastXY_50
  • CIS—Tbl_u3BuHu_EcJIu_4e

One Shot Was All It Took

In this category, warriors aimed to destroy several tanks in a row with one shell each in the most brisk and epic manner. The imposing 1,500  goes to the following players:

  • Asia—Ppap_invader
  • Europe—Igor84_if
  • North America—_Inimicus_
  • CIS—Tresurer


The most beautiful destruction of an enemy vehicle was the main goal for this category. Meet the winners, each of whom will receive 500 :

  • Asia—tresnobundo, tanakanagi, Alice_iN_ENemy_LiNe
  • Europe—bokans10, loftstar8, Makovetskiydima777, Penguinkiller
  • North America—B_R_O_N_C_O, Rapheal_grandfather, Popenter, HoosierDaddy_721
  • CIS—oleg73_razrushitel, wox_uzb, Roter163rus

Don’t Try This in Random Battles

The replays from this category were to show us something unbelievable, on the verge of impossible, or just funny. Here are the names of the lucky daredevils who witnessed various oddities. Each of them will receive 500 :

  • Asia—46koukou, PEPERON_1
  • Europe—DannyGreene, IvLg
  • North America—Tanma1028, 12thLegionForever
  • CIS—Tankist_04_18, vss_vintorez9_39

We’d like to thank everybody who sent their replays into this contest! We congratulate the winners and wish them new spectacular battles, perhaps their videos will inspire even greater feats. Mobilize!