Rating Battles in February

A new battle for ratings is just around the corner! Fight and win rating battles from February 5 through 28 and get bonuses to credits and XP. Ascend the leaderboard and claim valuable rewards!

As before, the ratings of all players will be reset first. You will have to undergo calibration, which consists of 10 battles, to determine your starting position on the leaderboard. Your rating depends directly on your performance: the better you perform in combat, the more rating points for winning battles you receive.

Bonuses and Rewards

Depending on your rating, you will fight in one of the following five leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Earn rating points to progress up the leaderboard, move between leagues, and claim bonuses for winning battles!

Bonus to credits for winning a battle depending on the current rating:

  • 0–32% in the Gold League (3,000–3,999 rating points)
  • 33–65% in the Platinum League (4,000–4,999 rating points)
  • 66% and above in the Diamond League (5,000 rating points and above)

Bonus to Combat XP for winning a battle:

  • +10% to experience for Tier VII vehicles
  • +15% to experience for Tier VIII vehicles
  • +20% to experience for Tier IX vehicles
  • +25% to experience for Tier X vehicles

Please note that this is a fixed bonus for winning a battle, not an increase in the total amount of XP and credits earned.

Bonuses to credits and XP are not the only rewards to be gained by winning rating battles.

On February 28, the battle for ratings will end, and players from the Platinum and Diamond Leagues will receive a rare camouflage for the Tier VII–X vehicles in which they fought the most rating battles during this period. It’s possible to get up to four warpaints: one for each eligible vehicle tier (VII–X), as long as you have played at least 50 battles in vehicles of that tier.


If the camouflage cannot be installed on the vehicle or if it’s already installed, you will receive 250,000 as compensation.

In addition, you will get an avatar depending on your highest rating earned in February’s series:

League Avatar
at least 5,000
rating points

League Avatar
at least 4,000
rating points

League Avatar
at least 3,000
rating points

Avatars received for rating battles are temporary and will disappear after 31 days from the moment of receipt. Confirm your rating in each series to constantly sport a striking avatar.

The ten best players in each region will also get gold as a reward:

  • 1st place— 3,000 
  • 2nd place— 2,000 
  • 3rd place— 1,000 
  • 4th–10th places— 500 

Results of Rating Battles in January

The top 10 players in each region that will be rewarded with gold:

You will receive avatars as a reward for your highest rating earned. All players who reached the Platinum and Diamond Leagues in January’s series (with at least 4,000 rating points) will win a rare camouflage for their four vehicles—warpaint for one tank of each tier: VII, VIII, IX, and X. If the camouflage cannot be installed on the vehicle or if it’s already installed, you will receive compensation in credits.

You will get your rewards for January’s rating battles from February 5 through 7.

February’s battle for ratings will start very soon. So prepare your vehicles for intense fights—glory, honor, and rewards are at stake!