Rating Battles in December

December has arrived—the perfect time to join a new fight for rating and rewards. Win rating battles and get extra experience and credits. Ascend the leaderboard and claim valuable prizes!

The battle for rating will be held from December 5 through 31.

On December 5, the ratings of all players will be reset. To determine your starting position on the leaderboard, you will have to undergo calibration, which consists of 10 battles. After completing calibration, you will see a corresponding notification and the icon of the league you have been enrolled in.

Neither bonuses nor rewards for rating battles are received during calibration.

You won’t have much time to reach the top of the leaderboard. That’s why we decided to remove the need to undergo recalibration and confirm your rating if you don’t participate in rating battles for more than 7 days.

Bonuses and Rewards

The more you win and the better you perform in rating battles, the higher your bonus to credits and experience, and the more valuable the reward you receive!

Bonus to credits for winning a battle depending on the current rating:

  • 0–32% in the Gold League (3,000–3,999 rating points)
  • 33–65% in the Platinum League (4,000–4,999 rating points)
  • 66% and above in the Diamond League (5,000 rating points and above).

Bonus to Combat Experience for winning a battle:

  • +10% to experience for Tier VII vehicles
  • +15% to experience for Tier VIII vehicles
  • +20% to experience for Tier IX vehicles
  • +25% to experience for Tier X vehicles.

Please note that this is a fixed bonus for winning a battle, not an increase in the total amount of experience and credits earned.

As before, all players from the Platinum and Diamond Leagues (with a rating over 4,000 points) will receive camouflage for the vehicle on which they fought the most rating battles during this period. This time, however, you can get a unique warpaint for up to FOUR vehicles. You’ll earn a special camouflage for the vehicle on which you play the most rating battles from each eligible tier (VII–X), as long as you play at least 50 rating battles on that vehicle.


If camouflage cannot be applied to your favorite vehicle, it will be added to the next vehicle by the number of rating battles.

Moreover, you will receive an avatar depending on your maximum rating earned within the season:

  • Legendary avatar—at least 5,000 rating points
  • Epic avatar—at least 4,000 rating points
  • Rare avatar—at least 3,000 rating points.

Please note that an avatar received for rating battles is temporary and will disappear after 31 days from the moment of receipt.

In Update 5.6, we improved the Rating screen in the player’s profile to allow you to more easily monitor your maximum rating, favorite vehicles of each tier, and total number of victories.

Rating battles will start very soon. So prepare your vehicles to fight for glory, honor, and valuable rewards!