Professionals Tournament Grand Finals

On April 27, the best teams from the CIS, Europe, North America, and Asia will compete in the Professionals Tournament Finals for the main prize of the Spring Season—$3,000.

The competition is held separately for each region (CIS, EU, NA, and ASIA).

Join us for the live stream of final matches! Let’s cheer teams on together!

During the stream (CIS and EU), viewers will have a chance to win
VICromwell B, and
VIType 64. There will be more information about the contest during our live stream!


Start time:
20:00 (CEST) |
Commentary is provided by RollingSwarm


Start time:
20:00 (MSK) | Commentary is provided by


Streams in other regions

North America

Start time:
18:00 (PT) / 21:00 (ET) |
Commentary is provided by


Start time:
19:00 (UTC +8) |
Commentary is provided by

Please note that you won’t receive Season Coins and the Hardcore Fan Avatar for watching the streams.