New Year’s Adventure Begins!

The New Year is approaching, which means World of Tanks Blitz is getting festive once again! Sparkling snow and a fluffy fir tree will soon decorate your Garage. From December 18 , you’ll be able to collect Cards, which will allow you to fill up Christmas Boxes with gold and win rewards from the New Year’s Adventure event!

New Year Cards

Fight and win on Tier V–X vehicles to receive New Year Cards  ( ):

  • Each multiplier used will bring you 2 Cards and the multiplier—5 Cards.
  • You can earn 1 additional Card for battles with Premium Account, for playing in a platoon, and on vehicles from the upcoming New Year’s Auction (we’ll tell you about it soon). This means that with the multiplier, playing with Premium Account, in a platoon, and on a vehicle from the Auction, you’ll get 8 Cards.

You’ll be able to receive Cards through January 6 . The multiplier for your first victorious battles will be effective for two days: from December 19 through 20 and from January 4 through 5 .

Victories in vehicles celebrating their Birthday will give you 5 Cards.

Keep in mind: XP multipliers are refreshed twice a day. Check the refresh timer next to the Battle! button, fight more battles, and receive twice as many Cards. You’ll need them for filling up Christmas Boxes with gold and completing the New Year’s Adventure event stages.

Christmas Boxes

Through January 10 , three Christmas Boxes will be available in the in-game Store: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


These Christmas Boxes are fueled by holiday magic—they accumulate gold as long as you play! With each Card you receive, the amount of gold in the Christmas Boxes increases, up to the following amounts:

  • Rare Christmas Box —can be filled up to 1,500 and purchased five times.
  • Epic Christmas Box —can be filled up to 8,500 and purchased two times.
  • Legendary Christmas Box —can be filled up to 20,000 and purchased only once.

The more unique the Christmas Box, the more gold it will accumulate for each Card. The cost of each box, however, remains the same!

When purchasing the box, you will receive as much gold as indicated on it at the time of purchase. Christmas Boxes can be filled up through January 6 . You will be able to purchase the accumulated gold, regardless of its amount, at any time through January 10 .

New Year’s Adventure

The frost is getting fiercer. What’s the best way to survive the cold? It’s simple: play more actively!

From December 18 through January 10 , participate in the New Year’s Adventure event and earn rewards: in-game resources, the  VIPz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm and Candy Canes!

You’ll be able to complete stages using Cards through January 6 . The remaining stages can be completed using gold through January 10 .

Upon completing all stages, you will get:

  • VIPz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm
  • 350 Candy Canes
  •  1 day of Premium Account
  • 5,000
  • 10 Rare Cooldown boosters
  •  10 Rare Combat XP boosters
  • Certificate for a slot
  • 100,000

The Accurate and Fast-Firing Schmalturm

First and foremost, the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm features an accurate and fast-firing gun. Among Tier VI medium tanks, the Schmalturm is one of the best in these characteristics. Moreover, this German tank boasts decent penetration capacity, and high damage per shot and per minute. Thanks to its solid turret, this vehicle is perfect for fighting in the second line and effectively sniping from cover.

To complete a series of tasks and seize this Premium German tank, you’ll need    440 Cards . If you already have the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm in your Garage, you will receive 700,000 and a Garage slot as compensation.


Candy Cane

In addition to the tank and valuable in-game resources, you’ll also be able to earn  Candy Canes in the New Year’s Adventure event. These traditional festive sweets will come in handy for decorating your New Year tree on our portal—and as you decorate your tree, you’ll win more prizes, among which is the Uncatchable T-22 medium!

In-game event schedule

The main activities are directly related to the XP bonus for your first victory. So New Year celebrations start and end on each server at a different time—when XP multipliers are refreshed:

  • CIS: from 18 December 8:00 (MSK) to 10 January 8:00 (MSK).
  • Europe: from 18 December 13:00 (CET) to 10 January 13:00 (CET).
  • NA: from 18 December 5:00 (PT), 8:00 (ET) to 10 January 5:00 (PT), 8:00 (ET).
  • ASIA: from 18 December 14:00 (UTC+8) to 10 January 14:00 (UTC+8).

Many other exciting New Year activities await you. Stay tuned for more information!