New Missions

You install Update 5.10 one day, take a look around the Garage, and find nothing new. All right, they probably just fixed general bugs and client crashes, you assume. Then you decide to fight a battle. But before that, first you check your daily missions, open the corresponding tab, and…

WHOOPS! You can’t believe your eyes, since everything is completely different here! The interface is new, the number of missions is larger, their conditions are more diverse, and the rewards are cooler and better!

What changed?

Almost everything:

  • Complete various missions every day and receive
     Keys to containers with rewards.
  • Use these
     Keys to open 4 daily containers with rewards and 2 additional weekly containers.
  • The higher the tier of the vehicle you researched, the more diverse and high-quality the reward you get from the containers.

Bonus! After the release of Update 5.10, enter the game by April 28, 23:59 (UTC) and receive
  360 Keys. That’ll be enough to open the Basic Week’s Supply container!  

What do these containers include?

All you need for a distinguished Blitz tanker’s career full of profitable and effective battles:

  •  Gold and parts of certificates for gold
  • Credits
  •  Free XP
  •  Common, Rare, and Epic boosters for credits and all types of XP
  •  Certificates and parts of certificates for 9 and 24 hours of Premium Account
  •  Certificates for Garage slots
  •  Certificates for vehicle research (a 25% discount in XP)
  •  Certificates for purchasing Premium vehicles from the Tech Tree (a 20% discount in gold)
  •  Certificates for a Rare camouflage that is available only in the containers awarded for completing missions:


  •  Common and Rare avatars:







































Install Update 5.10, complete missions, and become obscenely rich with the help of new containers!


What conditions will the new missions have?

Various: from simple “fight a battle” to more complicated “win 3 battles in a row”. Three of the ten missions are always simple, and you will easily get the Basic Day’s Supply daily container for completing them. Others are randomly selected from different types of missions: for personal skills, for XP or damage accumulation, for participation in rating battles, and so on.

Can I replace a mission or receive a new one using gold?

No, neither of that is possible in the new missions.

What are these Keys and how can I receive them?

Keys are needed to open containers. You’ll get
 Keys for completing each mission. You can complete 10 tasks a day and receive
 120 Keys. .

To receive Keys, fulfill mission conditions. When one of the tasks is completed, you’ll see a red mark on the Missions button in the Garage. Open the missions menu and tap the Claim button next to the completed condition. Keys will be added to your “piggy bank” and the indicator at the top of the screen will start to fill up.

If you don’t claim the Keys, they won’t be counted in your progress!

How many Keys do I need for containers? Are Keys spendable?

The required number of Keys is shown next to the image of each container on the missions screen. There you will also see the indicator that is filled up as you accumulate Keys:

  •  30 Keys—Basic Day’s Supply.
  •  70 Keys—Standard Day’s Supply.
  •  100 Keys—Strategic Day’s Supply.
  •  120 Keys—Extra Day’s Supply.
  •  320 Keys—Basic Week’s Supply. Keys are accumulated during a week.
  •  600 Keys—Strategic Week’s Supply. Keys are accumulated during a week.

You won’t spend Keys upon opening a container, which means you won’t have to earn them from scratch.

Can I purchase a container using gold?

No, you can open these containers only using Keys, which are awarded only for completing missions.

When are missions refreshed and what happens to Keys then?

Missions are refreshed every day together with the first XP multiplier for your first victory. Keep an eye on the timer in the Garage and on the missions screen.

The daily progress of Keys is reset at the same time. However, the progress of weekly containers is saved until the end of the week. The time left before the weekly progress resetting is also shown on the missions screen.

How can I increase rewards in containers?

Research vehicles of a higher tier. After that, missions will become more complicated and the number of rewards in containers will increase. There will be four levels in total:

  • Level I (opens after researching a Tier III vehicle)
  • Level II (opens after researching a Tier V vehicle)
  • Level III (opens after researching a Tier VIII vehicle)
  • Level IV (opens after researching a Tier X vehicle).

New levels open the next day after researching the vehicle. It is not necessary to purchase this vehicle. If you sell a researchable tank, the mission level won’t be reduced.

Once you open a mission level, it will be available for all vehicles in your Garage. Which means you’ll be able to complete Level IV missions in any Tier III–X vehicles.

If I create a new account and purchase a Collector Tier X tank, will I open Level IV missions at once?

No. Collector and Premium vehicles have no effect on the mission level. You can open new mission and reward levels only by researching Tier III, V, VIII, and X vehicles.

Where are these containers stored? Can I accumulate them?

Containers awarded for completing missions are not added to the Storage and exist only in the missions menu. They cannot be accumulated and are reset daily and weekly together with Keys. Open containers as soon as you collect enough Keys.