Mad Games: Tank Modifications

Well, who’s this before us? Another newcomer who wants to get his grubby hands on the Scavenger or thinks he’s worthy of the Gravedigger? Achoo! Don’t be offended. And don’t show us your statistics, they mean nothing here. I’ve seen guys like you before. Yeah, their numbers were beautiful, sure. But none of them managed to return from the Mad Games arena. Savvy? So, there is no need to introduce yourself as each time all of you are newcomers here. And, don’t touch anything. This is a lab, not an exhibition! Achoo!

We are a group of wiseguys, making modifications for tanks. For the final time, we aren’t scientists. Achoo. All the scientists have fallen to the storm long time ago. And we are those who read comics, were teachers, loved to make things fast with little attention to detail. As for me, achoo, I was a childhood fan of Dr. Tankenstein. One day, I hope I can repeat his experiment and revive a tank but not any time soon.

Honestly, sometimes we don’t even understand how the tank’s modifications work. The conditions mess us up: the sun bakes our brains, we swallow dust (and whatever else is in the air), and you need to finish the order—well you sculpt something. In the morning, you go to check on your hard work, and the bloody thing’s gone! AAAHHHHHHH! You run to look for anything to help you and it appears that you turned it invisible yesterday and you’d think a wiseguy would have a better memory!

Achoo… Don’t even start! I can see it in your eyes: you are about to ask a stupid thing. Blah, blah, blah. Why such smart guys like you are not looking for ways to restore the water flow or at least, ease the storm? A-a-a-achoo! Well, I invite you to our lab and work on this—let’s see how long you can last with no food. No one pays to save the world, my friend. If you want to survive, modifications are a profitable business!

There’s no time to lose—now listen carefully!

Get Acquainted with the Modifications!

Modifications are non-standard improvements that give combat vehicles new features. Invisibility, restoration of HP, fierce acceleration—these are just some of the effects.

All the modifications are only valid in the Mad Games. They are free, installed automatically and don’t require replenishment.

Now in our arsenal are 5 active and 5 passive modifications. The differences are:

  • You can turn on active modifications when you like. To do this, you need to press the modification button in battle.
  • Passive modifications work automatically.

Active Modifications

High-Octane Fuel

One of our guys once merged everything that burns in one barrel, and then filled up his tank with this mixture. We never saw him again. He seems to have disappear in a ball of flames. Take a drop of fuel from the barrel and, at the right moment, feed it to your engine—and the force will push you back into your seat! You’d better buckle up.

  • 1000% increase in engine power.
  • 300% increase in top speed.
  • 1500% increase in track durability.
  • Lasts 10 seconds. Recharges after 30 seconds.
  • When the effect ends, the engine and tracks receive non-critical damage.

Chameleon Concealment

I’ve already spoken about the mysterious history of this modification: dust, sunstroke and more are to blame! I don’t like it when they order another “Chameleon” from me: I have to repeat the painful procedure. This cloak just works, and with some good side effects!

  • The vehicle becomes invisible to enemies in combat and on the minimap.
  • 500% increase to engine power.
  • 200% increase to top speed.
  • Lasts 10 seconds. Recharges after 30 seconds.
  • When shooting, ramming or taking damage, the “Chameleon” modification stops.


The first irradiator was found in an old, brick mobile phone. Surprising, huh? At first, it seems that it does nothing notable, but once you fire, well you’ll understand! Rumor had it that a simple plastic device on the back of your phone would stop the irradiator. If only we could find them amongst the specks of dust.

  • +50% damage caused by you or your allies to an enemy in target.
  • Lasts 10 seconds. Recharges after 30 seconds.
  • The player who used the Irradiator is displayed on the minimap during the modification use, even if they try to hide.
  • The Irradiator will not function if the target disappears from the minimap, even if it was triggered before vanishing.
  • While the target is under the Irradiator use, it will not be able to be irradiated again.

To activate the Irradiator, aim at the enemy with the central reticle indicator, not specifically with the reticle. Important: you need to look directly at the enemy so that his silhouette is highlighted. This is convenient as you won’t need to wait for your turret to rotate. For example, when auto-aim is looking at an enemy vehicle, you can move the central marker to another tank and activate the Irradiator on it.

Half-Life Discharge

This is built into the barrel of the gun. When used, each shell passing through the barrel is charged with a high dose of radiation. If such a projectile penetrates an enemy’s armor, it deals much more damage. When ramming, the enemy will suffer simply from being too close to the radiation. Use caution: the discharge damages your tank too!

  • +50% to all types of damage that you do.
  • -25% off the max HP of your vehicle. Beware: it’s from the maximum HP, not the current one! If the tank initially has 1000 HP, and receives 500 damage, using this modification will still take 250.
  • Lasts 20 seconds. Recharges after 30 seconds.
  • Cannot be used if your vehicle doesn’t have enough HP remaining.


We invented this when we escaped from an insane gang. They were going to make some sort of foul soup out of us! While one smart guy was driving the tank, we began to throw anything we could into the engine, but mainly it was rubbish. Either the cylinder worked with some gas, or some radioactive matter distorted the space-time continuum, or we just screamed too much from fear, but the tank seemed to transport ahead, 50 meters at a time. Just like teleporting!

  • A 50m jolt forward. Look ahead before activating: where the tank is headed, it will jolt in that direction.
  • Works instantly. Recharges after 30 seconds.
  • This mod will not work if either tracks or engine are critically damaged.

Passive Modifications

Battle Coordinator

Somehow, we found an intact wagon with working routers and Wi-Fi and decided to make a network between the tanks ourselves. We created this network so we could watch series, films and each other’s home movies (and enjoy “quality” entertainment). Then over time, we adapted this network and now it can transfer data and buffs between allies. Any tank that receives this data will be given an advantage in battle, whether it be seeing further, knowing enemy positions better or even shooting more often.

  • If you have living allies in a 50m radius, your tank gets a bonus:
  • 1 living ally: +25% to the gun reloading speed, aiming speed and viewing range.
  • 2 living allies: +50% to the gun reloading speed, aiming speed and viewing range.
  • 3 living allies: +75% to the gun reloading speed, aiming speed and viewing range. This is the maximum bonus. For 4 or more allies, it doesn’t increase.

Armor Regenerator

This technology was discovered by the most desperate scavengers who were able to clear secret military bunkers. How does the modification work exactly? Well, we don’t even understand it ourselves, we just know it works! Even if we did know how it works, we could never build it ourselves.

You should only be interested in one fact: your tank is repaired by damaging the enemy. A big shock is in store too, your shells repair allied tanks!

  • Restores 35% of the damage you inflict on enemies to your tank.
  • Restores 50% of the average damage your projectile would do, as well as the potential damage from ramming to an allied vehicle.
  • Allies can only be repaired by ramming, armor-piercing or high-explosive shells.

Saboteur System

The secret of this system is only known by my brainiac colleague. His great-great-grandfather was an avid poacher who couldn’t be caught by anyone: he always realized when he was noticed and then immediately vanished into thin air.

  • Once you are spotted, the light bulb appears immediately.
  • As soon as you leave the direct spotting zone, your tank will disappear from the minimap.

Rammer Rig

You could say this is the most scientific mod on the list. Of course, I’m kidding. We just loaded the front part with stones, welded a couple of steel strips in the front, kept it together with some extra-strong hairspray and what do we have: the rammer rig.

  • +50% to damage by ramming.
  • -35% off the damage caused to your tank by ramming.

Uranium Shield

We had an adventurer here, some kind of Dust Lord, what’s-his-name, (maybe in another galaxy he’d be a star). He lost his tank in the races here but didn’t want to give it up. But them’s the rules. He thought differently, though. He only owed the tank, not what was in it. He broke in and crushed everything inside so no one would want it. It was left, so we battered the tank with shells, it was just some junk after all. But it never showed signs of damage. We began question what was going on. Finally, we understood. This tank had a special power and we needed to repeat Dust Lord’s journey to the letter: we must take the tank through a uranium mine, leave it on a hotplate for the storms to handle.

After this treatment, the armor slows down enemy shells, so they do less damage and ramming isn’t so powerful.

  • The uranium shield reduces damage from ramming or enemy shots by half.
  • The shield is triggered if the initial damage from an enemy shot or ram exceeds 5% of the maximum HP of your tank.
  • After triggering, the uranium shield recharges after 30 seconds.

Each tank has its own set of modifications!

I see you have already imagined the perfect assembly of an unstoppable vehicle capable of mass destruction. WOAH! Hold your horses! These are the Mad Games, not the Crazy Games. Modifications are pre-distributed on specific tanks, depending on their role in battle.

Conventionally, there are 10 combat roles based on the characteristics of the tank and its modifications. We won’t list all the tanks by roles, you can see that for yourself in the Garage. We will just give an example of each role:

  • The Powerhouse 
    Example : WZ-113, VIIGravedigger
    Modifications : Battle Coordinator and Chameleon Concealment
  • The Dreadnought
    Example : Maus, VIITankenstein
    Modifications : Uranium Shield and Half-Life Discharge
  • The Cavalry 
    : M48 Patton, VScavenger
    Modifications : Saboteur System and Accelerator
  • The Breakout 
    : AMX 50B, T110E5
    Modifications : Armor Regenerator and Half-Life Discharge
  • The Close-Quarter Support
    Example : T110E4, Object 268
    Modifications : Battle Coordinator and Accelerator
  • The Destroyer 
    : Jagdpanzer E 100
    Modifications : Saboteur System and Irradiator
  • The Punch 
    : WZ-121
    Modifications : Rammer Rig and High-Octane Fuel
  • The Support 
    Example : Grille 15
    Modifications : Armor Regenerator and High-Octane Fuel
  • The Pest 
    : Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
    Modifications : Armor Regenerator and Irradiator
  • The Sniper
    Example : Leopard 1
    Modifications : Rammer Rig and Chameleon Concealment

Let me remind you of where you are and what’s happening

You’re a survivor. Your new world is full of rusted armor, explosions, hunger, and sand. The local entertainment is the “Mad Games” where tanks enter the arena and fight to destruction.

The Mad Games Arena Opens 17 October.

Mad Games—this is a special type of combat for Tier V to X vehicles, where non-standard modifications can be used. The Mad Games arena features Oasis Palms, Desert Sands and the ruthless Wasteland, where the sandstorm rages.