Mad Games: Captain and Gifts of the Post-Apocalypse

The Mad Games have started. And this means that you’re already fighting for your first of 50 victories in random battles to claim the most popular tank of the Wasteland—the Scavenger. And after that, it’s not far to the Gravedigger

Because you know what? It’s only tanks that matter! When you need to prove your point of view, what is the most compelling argument? A heavy tank! How can you pay all your debts when you don’t have a penny to your name? With an ultimate shell from your tank of course! And if you need to win the heart of a lovely lady whose sandy hair is glowing as if under the morning blazing sun, how do you impress her? With a tank in the backyard of course! To cut a long story short, simply get the tanks of the Post-Apocalypse.

Bring metal to the masses! Let the engines roar! And… And anything else that inspires you!