Lunar Containers Are Now Available!

Useful resources, rare warpaints, and parts of certificates for Premium vehicles—Lunar Containers are bursting with rewards! Participate in the Warrior’s Path event and receive one Lunar Container for free. If there are piles of credits and gold lying in your coffers, you can purchase Lunar Containers in the Store right now:

The cost of one Lunar Container is 1,000,000 or 500. The more containers in the bundle, the more benefits you’ll receive! Lunar Containers can be purchased until February 15 and opened at any time.

Each container will grant you THREE guaranteed random rewards:

  • 1–3 certificates for 200 Free XP each
  • 10 parts of the certificate for one of the Premium Chinese vehicles
  • 10 Common boosters (for Combat XP, Free XP, Crew XP, or credits) or a certificate for a rare warpaint

Terracotta Warriors

Premium Chinese vehicles are eager to fight! Open Lunar Containers and collect parts of certificates for rare vehicles. Combine 100 parts of the same certificate into a full one and use it to get one of the following Premium Chinese vehicles or the corresponding compensation in credits:


A Camouflage for Your Favorite Vehicle!

Don’t miss the chance to make your favorite vehicle look unique using rare warpaints! In Lunar Containers, you can get a certificate for one of the following camouflages:


You can use the certificate once to unlock the corresponding warpaint for any vehicle. Just select the vehicle for which you want to unlock the camouflage, open the Appearance tab, and choose the corresponding warpaint.

Open Lunar Containers and receive resources, warpaints for your vehicles, and parts of certificates for Premium vehicles. Seize your opportunity! Lunar Containers will be available in the Store only until February 15!