Lorraine: Autoloader’s Primed and Ready!

Don’t let the melodic name “Lorraine” lead you astray: a vehicle of devastating power and breakneck speed is hidden behind it. The Lorraine 40 t is a Premium French medium tank featuring a four-shell magazine loading system, a powerful engine, and thin armor. Take command of this rare vehicle!

Available until October 26

Autoloader’s Primed and Ready!

Bundle price: 17,000.

Adrenaline, Speed, and a Four-Shell Magazine

The playstyle and appearance of the Lorraine 40 t resemble the AMX 50 100, a well-known researchable French heavy tank with a 90 mm gun. Both vehicles are poorly armored, move quickly, and use similar tactics.

The 90 mm gun of the Lorraine 40 t can penetrate 212 mm with a standard shell and 259 mm with an APCR shell. Its base penetration is not enough for face-to-face combat, but nobody expects that from this vehicle. However, its APCR shells can easily cause damage to almost any enemy vehicle!

Using AP shells, the gun causes 225 HP of damage per single shot and 900 HP of damage per one magazine. Shells in the magazine are reloaded in 2.5 seconds. Which means that the Lorraine 40 t can cause an impressive 900 HP of damage in just 7.5 seconds. The vehicle pays for this with 21.54 seconds of magazine reloading.

The new tank’s armor is thin. At Tier VIII, 40 mm of frontal hull armor and 55 mm of frontal turret armor can protect against nothing more than a breath of wind. Beware of HE shells and don’t even try to ram enemy vehicles! That’s all you need to know about this vehicle’s armor.

At the same time, while reloading the magazine, the Lorraine 40 t has a reliable means of surviving a period of helplessness: a powerful engine and 60 km/h speed. After firing all four shells, this tank can quickly leave its position and vanish in an unknown direction.

The Lorraine 40 t features high specific power and quickly accelerates, but slowly traverses. As a result, it’s difficult to circle around enemy vehicles or negotiate a sharp turn at full speed.

Hit-and-run tactics are best suited for the Lorraine 40 t. Your objective in battle is to approach the enemy at an opportune moment and fire the entire magazine as efficiently as possible. An opportune moment is when your enemy reloads, turns its sides or rear towards you, or exchanges fire with other players. Or all of the above. And if your opponent has fewer than 900 hit points, this is your finest hour: the Lorraine 40 t will destroy it with ease, bringing your team one step closer to victory.

The new French tank is an adrenaline vehicle that should stay constantly on the move. Its thin armor allows no mistakes, but its overwhelming firepower and high speed make the Lorraine 40 t a decisive force on the battlefield. Look for the weakest spots in the enemy’s defense: the Lorraine 40 t can destroy it with a deliberate strike. Fight in the Lorraine 40 t and show your mastery! This vehicle will reward you with spectacular battles and increased credit earnings!