Live stream on February 26

Dear friends!

A week ago, we released Update 5.8. Which means the time has come to discuss the practicalities of it. Are the tracks of the new Chinese tank destroyers greased enough? Do you enjoy the new lighting on the Faust map? Have you stocked up on the Nine Lives and Verdun Forest camouflages?

Join the live stream, which will be held in English on February 26:

  • Europe: 17:45 (CET).
  • North America: 8:45 (PT), 11:45 (ET).
  • Asia: February 27, 0:45 (UTC+8).
  • CIS: 19:45 (MSK).

Together with Alexandra and Tony, we’ll go through the player profile to see whose statistics look cooler, discuss your expectations for the return of Mad Games, and just have a good time!