In the Heat of Battle

Early in the morning of June 6, 1944, Allied forces landed on the coast of France. This day and its events will live on forever in the memory of so many. It was one of the largest amphibious operations in history: more than 3 million people were involved in Operation Overlord.

When creating the map, we tried to convey not only the distinctive features of the region, but also the atmosphere of D-Day: the hail of shells, the roar of the flame and the thunder of thousands of airplanes.

The map layout in Supremacy mode | The map layout in Encounter battles

France on Fire

Normandy is set in northern French coast on a dull afternoon at the height of the conflict of D-Day. The majority of the map is a hilly valley covered in settlements. A steep cliff leads to a long beach, which will provide promising gameplay tactics. The map is available for Tiers V through X and is available in both Supremacy and Encounter battle modes.

Small City Life [Zones 1 and 2]

Teams start in the fields at the opposite ends of the map, close to untidy haystacks. Settlements are scattered around, where the surviving buildings are alongside burning ruins. Streets and roads are arranged to form clearly marked paths, which will help keep you on the right direction towards key points on the map.

The Fate of the Bomber Plane [Zones 3 and 4]

Within in the first seconds of battle, you witness a tragedy. A shot down bomber plane is falling right into the center of the map. In Encounter battles, this crash site will become the capture circle. The bulge-shaped field around it will provide a bold invader a shelter to hide. However, due to the limited visibility, you’d better be careful as the enemy can sneak up on you from any angle.

The mill that’s close to the shore is a cunning and multifunctional place. With good angles of depression, you can control the beach from here, as well as reach the flag within a few seconds. This zone will be perfect for both medium and light tanks: it’s a great location to light up enemies and change direction towards the valley and beach as quick as a flash. Staying up here might not be an option as there are plenty of shoot-throughs overlooking this location from far away.

Anti-Aircraft Battery [Zone 5]

The field with plenty of anti-aircraft guns on the opposite side of the beach serves as a tunnel for slow-pace combat, if you’re in a heavily-armored vehicle. The enemy is likely to be in front, however, in rare cases, you can find hostile vehicles to your side. The latter will allow skilled players to control the course of battle. Boulders and buildings are located around the wheat fields, so massive that even a Maus would be comfortable hiding behind them. And hiding might be just the option, as enemy TDs have already occupied excellent firing positions, waiting to take advantage and unleash a barrage of shells on you.

The Sea Breeze [Zone 6]

The beach is the most picturesque, yet chilling area of the map. Many dare to play through this corridor as it allows a quick route to the enemy rear. However, the opponents might have the same idea so make sure to bring support.

Support from the Wings [Zones 7 and 8]

To help your teammates carry out a sudden maneuver or stop the enemy from doing the same, you can take the rock with its convenient bushes and indestructible pillboxes. From here, you can also cover the area with the mill, where point A in the Supremacy mode is located.

Field Support [Zones 9 and 10]

Houses and bushes are the two favorite words of a TD owner. From here, you can support your heavy allies, advancing to the map’s center or close to the artillery battery (Zone 5). But it’s necessary to correctly calculate your forces. The point is quite far from the center, so be careful; you might not have time to find an escape route and your teammates might be too far away to help out.