Heavy Cavalry: IS-2Sh and K-91

Two well-armored Soviet heavies await you:

  • The K-91 boasts a powerful 100 mm gun with a three-shell magazine and high penetration. Its damage per minute using AP shells reaches almost 2,300 HP and goes up to 2,400 HP with equipment and provisions applied.
  • The key feature of the IS-2Sh is its rear-mounted turret, which allows you to approach enemies with reverse side-scraping and effectively fire from the powerful 122 mm gun while hiding vulnerable parts behind cover.

Available for purchase through May 13:

The Formidable K-91

  • IXK-91 
  •  Garage slot
  •  Hawkeye Legendary avatar

Cost: 12,500 

The Imperturbable IS-2Sh

  • VIIIIS-2Sh 
  •  Garage slot
  • Imperturbable Legendary camouflage
  •  Hawkeye Epic avatar

Cost: 7,500 

Heavy Cavalry: K-91 and IS-2Sh

  • IXK-91 
  • VIIIIS-2Sh 
  •  2 Garage slots
  •  9 equipment slots for each tank
  • Imperturbable Legendary camouflage for the IS-2Sh
  •  Hawkeye Legendary avatar

Cost: 17,000 

Characteristics of the K-91 and IS-2Sh


The K-91 is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to the profitability of a researchable Tier IX vehicle with activated enrichment. The characteristics of the K-91 may be adjusted in future if it is necessary for game balance improvements.