Germans with a Character

The KpfPz 70 inherited American armor. Its light hull and solid turret allow for blocking enemy damage with its frontal armor from behind cover. The vehicle features medium speed and good specific power for a heavy tank. It’s equipped with a 152 mm gun. Its shots are rare, but powerful. 560 HP at a time!

The E 25 is designated the “Flea”, a name which stands to reason. It’s an extremely small, concealed, and lightning fast tank destroyer. Its fast-firing gun unleashes shells relentlessly, leaving the enemy with no chance of escape. An elusive vehicle that can quickly relocate to a new position due to its rapid speed when spotted.

560 HP from a single-shot damage or unbelievable speed and maneuverability? No need to make a choice anymore. Now it’s all in one profitable bundle!

Available for purchase through April 26:

KpfPz 70

Steel KpfPz 70

  • IXKpfPz 70
  • 9 equipment slots
  •  Steel Cavalry legendary camouflage
  •  7 days of Premium Account
  •  Garage slot
  •  Hawkeye Legendary avatar

The Germans with a Character the KpfPz 70 and E 25

  • IXKpfPz 70
  •  Steel Cavalry legendary camouflage
  • VIIE 25
  •  Number 1 legendary camouflage
  • 9 equipment slots for each vehicle
  •  30 days of Premium Account
  •  2 Garage slots
  •  Hawkeye Legendary avatar

Screenshots and characteristics of the KpfPz 70 and E 25