Follow the Warrior’s Path

Every tanker has heard the legends and stories about the Chinese Type 59 medium tank and its brave commanders. It’s time to add your own exploits to these stories! Complete the Warrior’s Path from February 5 through 15 : show your skills, perseverance, and ingenuity to get useful resources, rare warpaints, and the outstanding Type 59!

Type 59, the Hero of Your Victories

The most skilled tankers will be able to get the noble and formidable Type 59, a universal tank that is equally effective when attacking and defending.

Thanks to its good dynamics and maneuverability, this Chinese tank moves across the battlefield with the precision of a predator, quickly takes up key positions, and can wipe out an opponent before it can prepare to defend itself.

Its 100 mm gun features mediocre accuracy, but good stabilization—the vehicle will prove more effective at close range. Armor-piercing shells penetrate 181 mm of enemy armor and cause 280 HP of damage per shot on average. Damage per minute reaches 1,800 HP, which goes up to 2,000 HP with equipment and provisions applied.


A low silhouette, reliable frontal armor, and a turret that easily deflects enemy shells—all this allows for firing from behind cover. This is especially useful when defending positions and supporting an offensive. Force the enemy to take risks and make mistakes, then strike back.

If you already have the Type 59 in your Garage, turn your attention to the Ding legendary camouflage—a genuine work of art. This warpaint will turn your Premium tank into a mythical warrior!


F.A.Q. Please read the information below.

When will the Warrior’s Path in-game event take place?

The Warrior’s Path in-game event will run from February 5 through 15 :

  • CIS: From February 5 12:00 (MSK) through February 15 12:00 (MSK).
  • Asia: From February 5 17:00 (UTC+8) through February 15 17:00 (UTC+8).
  • North America: From February 5 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET) through February 15 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET).
  • Europe: From February 5 10:00 (CET) through February 15 10:00 (CET).

You will be able to complete the task of 30 battles and receive Lunar Coins only once and until February 12 . The remaining stages can be completed only in exchange for in-game gold.

To unlock the Warrior’s Path, new players need to have Tier V or higher vehicles.

Why is the Magic Scroll needed?

The Magic Scroll will allow you to complete the first stage of the in-game event, receive one Lunar Container (more info coming soon) as a reward, and start completing the task of 30 battles.

You will receive the Magic Scroll on February 5. It can be received only once.

When and how will the task of 30 battles be activated?

Once you complete the first stage of the in-game event and receive the Unrolled Scroll, the Warrior’s Path begins. Your next 30 battles on Tier V–X vehicles will count towards the task. Regular, rating, and tournament battles are counted.

For this reason, you should complete the first stage only when you are 100% ready to play a series of battles with maximum efficiency. If you happen to need credits in the middle of completing the series of battles, you can farm them on Tier I–IV vehicles. This will not affect the result.

You will be able to complete the Warrior’s Path and play a series of 30 battles only once!

After the in-game event ends, the Unrolled Scroll will be removed from your account without compensation.

How do I get Lunar Coins?

After completing the first stage, you will be able to proceed to the Warrior’s Path task. Play a series of 30 battles on Tier V–X vehicles with maximum efficiency. For the best 10 battles by Combat XP without Premium Account, boosters, x2–x5 bonuses, and rating battle bonuses , you will be rewarded with Lunar Coins.

Lunar Coins are credited only once at a ratio of 1 Lunar Coin to 1 Combat XP (without Premium Account, boosters, x2–x5 bonuses, and rating battle bonuses) after the task of 30 battles is completed.

After the in-game event is finished, Lunar Coins will be deducted from your account without compensation.

How many Lunar Coins do I need to get the Type 59?

To complete the chain of in-game event stages that reward the Type 59, you will need 13,500 Lunar Coins. To obtain the Ding camouflage—4,500 Lunar Coins.

Note: If you already have the Type 59, you will receive 4,000,000 and a Garage slot as compensation. Compensation for the Ding camouflage is 892,000. Compensation for the Digital Trace camouflage is 248,000.

How do I use the certificate for a camouflage?

You can use the certificate once to unlock the corresponding warpaint for any vehicle. You can do so in the Appearance menu of a selected vehicle: