E 25, Cromwell B, plus Bonuses!

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The VIIE 25 is code-named “Flea”, a designation that stands to reason: this tank destroyer is very small, speedy, nimble, and stealthy. Its fast-firing gun ejects shells relentlessly, leaving the enemy with no chance of escape. An elusive vehicle that can quickly relocate to a new position due to its rapid speed when spotted. Take command of the “Flea” and turn the battle into a real nightmare for the enemy!

The VICromwell B is a Premium version of one of the most well-recognized tanks of the United Kingdom. The tank has become popular with players due to its great speed, as well its gun, which sports a high rate of fire and great penetration. This combination of combat characteristics makes the Cromwell B one of the most dangerous Tier VI medium tanks.

Pay attention to the bundle with two Premium vehicles. First, you’ll save 40% with this purchase! Second, we’re adding a heap of bonuses into the bargain: a legendary camouflage for each of the vehicles—Berlin for the Cromwell B and Number 1 for the E 25. The latter changes the tank destroyer name in battle to E 25 “#1”. Both vehicles come with all 9 equipment slots unlocked. And the icing on the cake: when purchasing this bundle, you’ll get the Gold Gem Legendary avatar as a bonus!

Through February 1:


The Stinging and Uncatchable E 25 Bundle

Bundle price: 6,500.


The Uncatchable Cromwell B Bundle

Bundle price: 4,500.


“E 25, Cromwell B, and Bonuses!” Bundle

  • VIIE 25 with 9 unlocked equipment slots
  • Number 1 legendary camouflage
  • VICromwell B with 9 unlocked equipment slots
  • Berlin legendary camouflage
  • 2 Garage slots
  • Gold Gem Legendary avatar

Bundle price: 11,000.

Characteristics of the E 25 and Cromwell B