Connor the Angry


The Angry Connor, a charismatic fighter decked in stylish green camo with a barrel on its rear, is available for purchase again. A powerful gun and a built-in concealment bonus allows the vehicle to stay unnoticed by enemies, leaving it the chance to take the first shot. Add the Angry Connor tank destroyer to your collection, and this fierce warrior will devastate any enemy in its way!

Available for purchase through March 24

Connor the Angry

Connor the Angriest 

  • VAngry Connor 
  •  Garage slot
  •  9 equipment slots
  •  7 days of Premium Account
  • 30 Rare Combat XP boosters (+60%)
  • 30 Rare Free XP boosters (+350%)
  • 30 Rare Crew XP boosters (+150%)

In green camo with a barrel on the back, the Angry Connor is the feistiest troublemaker with Irish roots you’ll find among Premium vehicles. This tank destroyer has a powerful gun with excellent penetration, increased profitability, a built-in concealment bonus, and… a fierce temper. To quickly change your position or help your friends in time, you’ll have to go backwards!

The Angry Connor tank destroyer characteristics